Registration needs better communication

By Jennifer Morales

At the end of spring quarter, registration dates are posted and enrollment dates roll around.

All the classes that are needed are added to your cart, and all you have to do is press the submit button.

Well, that is what usually happens during registration.

You have your schedule built and you are ready for the quarter.

However, what happens when it is less than a week before classes start and one or even more of your courses get cancelled?

What happens when they are cancelled, and you do not receive a notification?

Now, there is no time to find an open class to enroll in.

Yes, you may be able to find a class that is waitlisted, but that is not a guarantee enrollment for the course.

This has occurred to not just me, but also to many other Cal Poly Pomona students.

The question is, who is at fault? Is it the department or is it the student?

Before pointing fingers, there are always two sides to every story.

The department may respond to the student by saying that a notification was sent; however, the student may have never received a notification.

The department may have committed the mistake or they may have not.

Even though this may not seem like a huge issue, it is.

Every student on campus pays some sort of tuition.

Depending if the student is an undergraduate, a graduate, an education doctorate or a qualified teacher credential student, tuition differs.

Whether you are going after your bachelor’s degree, master’s or a credential, tuition ranges from $1,000 to over $4,000. That is a lot of money.

For the price that is paid, each student expects to enroll in a certain amount of courses and actually take those courses.

When a course is cancelled, it delays the students from reaching that day of accomplishment, graduation day.

A delay, which could cause students to return the following quarter; however, next year, it will be the following semester.

A student will have to take one course, but have to pay more for tuition.

On the contrary of what departments say, some students still claim that they never received a notification.

This unfortunate mishap delays many students’ educational plan towards graduation.

Overall, there should be better communication from the department for the students.

If a student is enrolled or waitlisted, each student should receive a notification when a course is cancelled at least two weeks in advance to ensure an opportunity to find another class and avoid any sort of problems in the future.

Registration needs better communication

Jennifer Morales / The Poly Post

Registration needs better communication

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