After Manchester, stay safe and stay united

By Jaylene Guevara

The senseless terror attack at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, which killed 22 concertgoers and injured many more, raises real concerns about public safety everywhere.

Sadly, it is not possible to prevent all terrorist attacks. However, one thing we can do is stress the importance of unity during such a difficult time.

It is frightening that the unthinkable can happen just about anywhere”concerts, clubs and movie theaters.

Many people are thinking about what security measures will be carried out following this tragic event.

Since the attack, venues all over plan to increase their security measures to maximize public safety.

We will remain on high alert due to the senseless acts that have taken place.

However, daily life must go on, and we should not live in fear.

Remaining alert and vigilant is important; however, we cannot stop living our lives and doing the things we love because of the senseless acts of others.

As a society, it is important for us to be on high alert and report suspicious activity.

It is unfortunate that there will always be some type of reminder of the tragedies that have occurred and have hurt and killed innocent people.

In addition to the shocking occurrence that took place last Monday in Manchester at Ariana Grande’s concert, there has been word of an ISIS propaganda video.

The ISIS propaganda video urges its supporters to attack in Las Vegas.

Authorities are considering the video to be a credible threat.

It seems as though just about everywhere is and will be on high alert for many upcoming summer events.

At this point in time, all we can really do is continue going about our lives and not let such horrible acts get the best of us.

We must focus on uniting our society.

Terror attacks will always be a concern.

We live in a different world now, and it is one of the biggest misfortunes for innocent lives to be targeted for absolutely no reason.

Manchester attacks

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Manchester attacks

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