Beware the mega-church: Find what fits you

By Dominick Batchi

Mega-churches have taken over as the modern day church, featuring large campuses, light show worship and eccentric volunteers.

This form of westernized Christianity has recently become the most popular church for college students.

From children’s ministries to college ministries, the mega-church model has created a community for every age group, which is a huge reason for its immense popularity.

Hartford Institute for Religion Research shows these churches attract younger participants to their congregations” more so than many other smaller churches.

That includes college students, who tend to drop out of church for at least part of their college careers.

Even in its substantial growth, this model of church has taken on the western influence of consumerism and has built a culture within the body of the church that can be harmful if not taken with caution.

One of the biggest downfalls is how the church has come to reflect the culture it is placed in.

David Robertson, moderator of the Free Church of Scotland, states how “corporate churches tend to be run like corporations, with corporate boards, corporate facilities, consumer mentalities and corporate leaders with corporate salaries.”

With the church becoming run more like a business than a place of worship, it has placed doubt in the mega-church’s ability to spread the truth of Jesus Christ.

Another caution is to not get lost in its size.

What makes a megachurch ‘mega’ is meeting a standard of having more than 2,000 weekly worshippers in attendance.

With some people being attracted to the size of the congregation, building or campus, some may feel the loss of the intimacy compared to a smaller body of believers.

College students tend to flock to bigger groups of people their age, especially when enticed with loud music and fellowship.

With being big in size, this tends to produce difficulties to which the church must respond.

Roswell Street Baptist Church of Atlanta provides a justification for the large growth of their congregation with the church publishing a pamphlet which declares church growth to be a biblical injunction and “the American way.”

Becoming part of a church that provides ministries and teachings suited for college students is a huge development within modern day Christianity and should be talked about even more.

Becoming part of a church this size has its shortcomings, but if you find community there and stay true to the teachings of the Bible, then the megachurch might be the fit for you.

The mega church

Robert Diep / The Poly Post

The mega church

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