Don’t let technology overwhelm learning

By Jaylene Guevara

Students are more distracted than ever due to technology.

That seems to be universally known considering everywhere we go, it is inevitable to see students on their phones.

This is especially true in the classroom and while studying.

Although technology can certainly be an asset in many cases, sometimes it can get out of hand.

That is no secret.

It is so easy to become distracted by a text, new posts and a countless number of other apps.

It is a temptation for many and we have yet to find a real cure.

Students need to learn effective self-control techniques in order to break the habit.

Obviously it is not going to happen overnight; however, baby steps are key to making progress.

As for myself, I have succumbed to the major distractions from my tech-devices during class as well.

One way that I have learned to break the habit is to sit at the front of the classroom.

Most students try to be sneaky with their devices by sitting in the back, but if students sit in the front, they are more likely to stay focused and engaged.

Another way that students can break their habits are by taking hand-written notes as opposed to taking notes on their laptop.

Obviously students can type faster than they can write; however, students who write notes by hand have a stronger conceptual understanding of the material.

Those who take notes on their laptops often get distracted by browsing the web.

In the study “Notes on Note-taking: Review of Research and Insights for Students and Instructors” by Michael C. Friedman of Harvard University argues that laptops may reduce cognitive resources that are needed and pen and paper note-taking help people learn and remember the information in the long-term.

By breaking habits little by little, it can certainly make a change in productivity and staying engaged.

Although technology has become the next best thing since sliced bread, it can definitely get in the way of learning, staying focused and productivity.

The next time you have to study for an exam, try to refrain from checking your phone.

It is interesting to see how often students check their phones while doing classwork and it can surely set you behind.

If students practice these three steps to break the habit of distractions, it will help them tremendously not only in school but in everyday life.

We often do not realize how much our devices get in the way of our lives; however, by being aware of the repercussions, perhaps people will think twice about pulling out their phones.


Robert Diep / The Poly Post

Don’t let technology take over

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