Fright or flight: Travel prep is a must

By Dominick Batchi

With so many students planning to travel this summer, it is important to be prepared. Not many people choose to fly when traveling to a specific destination. Some cite airplane turbulence or heights as a reason to choose to stay grounded, while others have just never had the chance to take a plane. While there are many reasons as to why one hasn’t flown, society should always be well aware of the risks.

Knowing your flight number, keeping your wallet or passport on hand at all times and leaving plenty of time to arrive at your gate are only a few essential traveler tips.

While one wouldn’t usually have to worry about being dragged along the floor of a Boeing 32, there are still many precautions and worries that need to be settled before one books a flight to a destination.

A lot more goes into air travel than what meets the eye. First of all, a budget needs to be set aside just for the sometimes extreme costs of airfare. One has to remember to purchase the overly expensive tickets, checked and carry on luggage and as of recent have to pay for food or snacks while onboard. The prices are just never ceasing in rising, which makes air travel a less popular option when weighing your choices.

According to the Bureau of Transportation Services, average airfares increased by 4.2% in February 2017. With ever increasing ticket prices, it has also been predicted to not drop by the middle of this year. Hopper, a research firm, conducted an analysis that predicts “that the uptick will continue, hitting the highest point of $263 [on average] in June.”

If the cost is not much of a worry for eager travelers, then maybe the heightened security risks are. With the recent installing of the discriminatory travel ban on those coming into the U.S. from several Middle-Eastern countries, it has only caused uproar from the homefront, leaving a great threat on domestic travels as well as overseas.

With tensions high, U.S. Intelligence recently acquired knowledge of ISIS-made bombs that could be hidden in laptop computers.

“Electronic devices larger than a cell phone/smart phone will not be allowed to be carried onboard the aircraft in carry-on luggage or other accessible property,” as stated by The Department of Homeland Security.

Although this ban is only in effect for countries in or around Northern Africa that are flying out of specific countries, it has caused an irreversible panic for those flying to Miami, Florida for spring break, as a timely example.

While not having enough leg room or possessing limited arm rest may be among many complaints coming from airline passengers, not having the window or aisle seat takes the crown for biggest peeve when flying.

Just imagine, you’re on a nine-hour flight to Brussels, Belgium to reach a connecting flight to Paris and you’re cramped in between two people who have no sense of personal space when it comes to sleeping on your neighbor. It is in the air, 20,000 feet above the ocean, when you’ll regret waiting until the last day to reserve your seat.

Flying can truly be a fun and thrilling adventure when planned accordingly with all the risks evaluated, or it can be a fright as soon as the automatic doors open to the sight of frenzied families getting their children through security. Take the risk, but do so well-organized.

Flight or fright

Robert Diep / The Poly Post

Flight or fright

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