Advisors are assets that should not be wasted

By Jaylene Guevara

Having an academic advisor in college is universally known to better a student’s experience in course planning, registration and academic counseling. However, it does not just stop there”an academic advisor is one who advocates a student’s development in his or her academic career.

It is essential to establish a concrete goal in college so that students can successfully finish school in a timely manner. Academic advisors can assist students in the process of doing so.

Although it may sound self-explanatory when it comes to registering for classes and understanding the options that are out there, it does get tricky and the pressure starts to unfold. But do not panic”this is exactly why there are academic advisors who can help provide certain advice, resources and alternatives when needed.

As students, we hear all of the time how important it is to see an advisor regularly to make sure that we are on the right track to graduate. But as students, do we all take full advantage of having an advisor?

Based on my personal college experience, I shamefully admit that I did not take full advantage of seeing my academic advisor. And of course”with no valid reason, just pure laziness and stubbornness.

Unfortunately, I hardly realized the importance and the clarity it can bring to my life until I reached my final year of college. As a result, I have a jam-packed schedule my last quarter of college because I did not see my advisor as much as I should have.

However, if I had seen my advisor on a quarterly basis from the very beginning, perhaps things would have been different.

Moral of the story is: see an advisor regularly. Although it may seem tedious to set up a meeting and tend to the meeting, it is really not in the long run. If anything, seeing an advisor is one of the most important things in college that will only benefit one’s academic career.

In a study done at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln called “The Effects of Academic Advising on College Student Development in Higher Education,” Kelly K. Pargett (2011) claims, “Students who have created a relationship with their assigned faculty advisor reported having more satisfaction with their college experience and positively develop as a student.”

Pargett explains that her ultimate goal for this study was to prove that advisors can certainly help students with their development in academics, time management and more.

It is the student’s responsibility to be held accountable for things of this nature. It is important to note that students have so many resources that are readily available to them, which they do not take full advantage of.

If anything, building a relationship with an academic advisor is one of the most useful and valuable things that universities have to offer. Academic advisors are not here to lecture students”they are here to help students make well-informed decisions.

After meeting with an advisor, it is a very satisfying feeling because it brings clarity in order for one to achieve his or her goals.

Academic advisors are a student’s cheerleaders”they want students to succeed in school and in the future. It is a great support system that some students may not realize until it is too late.

With that being said, seeking assistance for some people may not be the most ideal situation; however, when it comes to school, it is absolutely essential.

Academic advisors

Robert Diep / The Poly Post

Academic advisors

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