Restrooms should be for all

By Agnes Musee

The Trump administration recently issued guidelines that reversed the Obama administration’s guidelines allowing transgender students to use restrooms and locker rooms that coincide with their gender identities.

According to FindLaw, the Obama administration’s guidelines were enlisted to clarify Title IX, which protects students from sex-based discrimination from any educational institution that receives federal funding.

Although the new guidelines do not state outright that transgender students can only use bathrooms or locker rooms that match their biological sex, they do state, “The Department of Education and the Department of Justice have decided to withdraw and rescind the above-referenced [Obama-era] guidance documents.”

CNNpolitics reported in a letter from the White House: The Republican argument for the reversal is that the federal government should not mandate bathroom policies and instead should be decided by states.

In addition, the reversal will protect the privacy and safety of non-transgender students.

The reversal does not affect California since state lawmakers passed a law in 2013 allowing transgender students to use restrooms or locker rooms based on their gender identities.

Although the reversal does not affect California, it has sparked a national debate on why laws should not prohibit where individuals choose to relieve themselves based on fear that transgender students may harm others.

Well, according to the Office of Victims of Crime, “One in two transgender individuals are sexually abused or assaulted at some point in their lives.”

And when Jody Herman from The Williams Institute UCLA School of Law interviewed 93 transgender and gender nonconforming people, 70 percent reported, “being denied access to restrooms, being harassed while using restrooms and even experiencing some forms of physical assault.”

If anything, transgender students are the most vulnerable to assault and discrimination and the reversal only perpetuates fear and hate crimes from prejudiced individuals in discriminatory states.

The Obama administration’s directive should be reinstated because it protects transgender students from assault by law even in discriminatory states.

The directive sets legal repercussions for those against the guided mandate.

Students should not have to show a birth certificate in order to use a restroom. The use of fear to push a political agenda is also unfair to transgender students who are accused of predatory intentions.

The Trump administration is implying to the public that the word transgender is synonymous with the word perpetrator.

Anyone can be a bathroom offender regardless of gender.

There are zero cases reported of transgender men or women who attack people in designated restrooms.

The federal government and states should not prohibit where people relieve themselves. Overall, this is a civil rights issue.

States that deny transgender individuals the right to use bathrooms that coincide with their gender identities is also unconstitutional.

Transgender individuals cannot help who they are and how they were born.

The only resolution is to have more public gender neutral restrooms.

This will provide a space for all individuals to feel comfortable in a place of privacy where they are not targeted.

Agnes Musee is passionate about politics.

Restrooms for all

Robert Diep / The Poly Post

Restrooms for all

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