Same year, different me in 2017

By Eviana Vergara

It is that time of year again where everyone gets to start 2017 anew with a clean slate. The holidays have just ended and we’re starting off winter quarter with a bang. We get to cross those goals off our list that we have been putting off for the whole year, but is all of that really necessary? Do we need to wait until the start of a new year to finally get to that diet or to sign up for the painting class we’ve always wanted to take?

It has become such a norm to use our New Year’s resolution as a time for change. Yes, it’s a perfect opportunity to use this time to set goals that you want for the year, but you can start at any time. Even if things do not go as planned after a few weeks, there are still 11 more months in 2017 to kick off those visions.

According to a study done at Grand Canyon University, only about 8 percent of Americans actually achieve their resolutions.

Now, don’t be discouraged, but it is something to take note of.

Patience and consistency is the ultimate key. Of course these goals are set only with the best intentions of being the best version of yourself that you can be.

In the first couple of weeks of the quarter, the Bronco Recreational Intramural Complex is filled with people who are ready to put work in for their summer bodies. Yet, as the weeks drag on with no immediate results, busy schedules and midterms, the motivation seems to decrease over time. Then it seems harder to wake up and make your way over to the gym every day when sleep sounds like a much better idea.

Once it’s week five and you are over going to the gym or giving up on some old habit, we tend to push all those goals aside and think it is best to start again the following year.

The good thing is that it does not have to be that way! You can start again at any time. Sometimes the goals seem so overwhelming that we decide to quit altogether, but that shouldn’t lead to a guilt trip. You are exactly where you need to be and making drastic changes to your lifestyle does not happen overnight. It does not happen during the first weeks of January either.

At any time – start by dividing the tasks into smaller ones so they seem attainable to you. If your vision is to learn a new language, just try learning one word a day.

Continue to have that end goal in mind so it is a reminder of why you’re doing all the hard work in the first place. It is also important to make your resolutions as specific as possible.

It helps to have a great support system behind you. Make your intentions known to others and ask a close friend to keep you accountable. You can even make it a game with a group of people with everyone supporting each other in their visions.

There are things that we want now, but it takes time to get fit, make more money, establish friendships and even overcome procrastination. It takes about 21 days to make a habit, do not let letting go of your dreams become one of them.

Most of all, don’t let all the pressure around New Year’s resolutions get in the way of wholeheartedly completing your goals. The process of reinventing yourself cannot be rushed. Happy goal-setting!

Eviana Vergara started her own photography company in 2016.

2017 a whole new year

Robert Diep / The Poly Post

2017 a whole new year

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