Why India pale ales should be your choice of beer

By Tagui Martirosyan

Interests are shifting from domestic and imported beers to craft beers in American society. It’s not really about what society has to say about craft beer. Rather, it’s about what craft beer offers to society.

Craft beers are found in small independent breweries. A small brewery’s goal is to deliver a glass of beer full of indulgence that is rich in flavor.

Though the production of craft beer is less than those produced in big beer companies, craft beer comes in various types and flavors. The brewers have the freedom to play with these flavors by adding, subtracting and mixing a number of ingredients to get the right aroma.

Some types of craft beers include lagers, amber ales, India pale ales, stouts, porters and so forth. IPA is the number one type of craft beer on my list.

There are limitless flavors that formulate IPAs. These brews often have dry, citrusy, fruity and absolutely bitter flavors. Hops and malts create the aroma for each brew: an IPA’s sweetness comes from the malts, and its distinct bitterness from the hops used in the brewing process.

IPAs are particularly known for their distinct bitterness. As I like to say, “It gives you a taste of life!”

The Stone IPA by Stone Brewing Company is my favorite. The Sculpin by Ballast Point Brewing Company, Point the Way IPA by Golden Road Brewing Company and the Lagunitas IPA by Lagunitas Brewing Company are a few of the many I would recommend for anyone who is of drinking age.

IPAs, of course, aren’t limited to those that I listed. These are possibly the easiest ones to find at local markets and bars.

But it doesn’t end here. There’s more to an IPA: more hop-piness! With an increase in the amounts of hops used in the brewing process, brewers are able to intensify the bitterness, creating what’s called a double or even triple IPA.

My two favorite double IPAs are Ruination, brewed by Stone Brewing Company, and the West Coast IPA, brewed by Green Flash Brewing Company. If the double doesn’t do the trouble, I suggest trying Stone Brewery’s Triple IPA, RuinTen. The RuinTen is actually one of the special releases by the brewery, and it comes out every June.

Craft beers often have a higher alcohol volume compared to domestic beers. Therefore, I suggest consuming craft beer in limited amounts to prevent nausea, and of course, any behavior that might be regretted when sober.

It’s quite enjoyable to share a cold brew with a friend who also likes craft beer. Don’t limit yourself to what you already know. Go out there, try new brews at your local brewery, discover something you like and have fun with the experience. Of course, don’t forget to try an IPA if you already haven’t. Sometimes, an IPA is the best way to get through a rough day.


India pale ales

Tagui Martirosyan / The Poly Post

India pale ales

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