Zika virus and the Olympics: not worth the risk

By Jaylene Guevara

The Zika virus has garnered much attention in 2016, but it is a source of great concern for Brazil with the forthcoming Rio 2016 Summer Olympics.

The Zika virus is an arboviral disease transmitted by mosquitoes. It is known to cause mild flu-like symptoms in most people and is also suspected to cause microcephaly, a neurological condition that causes abnormally small heads in infants.

Due to the major birth defects, pregnant women or women who plan to become pregnant are urged not to visit South America and Central America ” specifically, Puerto Rico, Panama, Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala and Venezuela.

So is it really worth the risk? Considering how relevant the suspected Zika virus repercussions are and the fact that the Olympics is just a few months away, absolutely not.

The United States Olympic Committee advised athletes to reconsider their attendance if they feared for their health. Not to mention, it is essential for tourists to be aware of the Zika virus and the repercussions of it as well.

It is important to reconsider the unnecessary risks that tourists and athletes may face if they chose to attend the event.

There has yet to be a cure or vaccine for the Zika virus, so the international increase of the virus is possible and can even cause havoc in the United States.

Most people who are planning to attend the Olympics planned well in advance. Who knows what the end decision might be for both visitors and athletes? However, decisions are sure to be heard within the next couple of months.

According to the organizers of the 2016 Olympics, everything is under control. But considering that Brazil is expecting a whopping 500,000 people, who knows how it will alleviate the issue. Organizers plan to inspect the facilities where the games will take place, and there is also an option of fumigation. However, fumigating will certainly affect the attendees as well.

It is a very unfortunate situation with horrible circumstances. Brazil has been ground zero for the Zika virus as it has the most cases.

So as time passes and the Olympics get closer, it will be interesting to see more and more controversy arise as a result of the Zika virus.

Zika virus

Sungah Choi / The Poly Post

Zika virus

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