Sad people on Valentine’s Day make me sad

By Jessica Wang

It’s finally February, which marks the beginning of an obscene amount of heart decorations at local drugstores and perplexed men trying not to look creepy as they shop at Victoria’s Secret.

While this might be a blissful occasion for those in relationships, it could be a pretty miserable one for those who find themselves single, which brings me to the overall theme of this piece: people who are sad on Valentine’s Day make me sad.

The very existence of Valentine’s Day’s alternative counterpart ” Singles Awareness Day, which also happens to boast the acronym of SAD ” fills me with nothing but chronic heartburn.

When did the notion of single people harboring feelings of spite on Feb. 14 emerge? What is responsible for letting this notion emerge? Most importantly, what is responsible for the reinforcement of these ideals every year?

It’s those damn rom-coms, isn’t it? (The ones with the trite storylines that usually involve someone running through a crowded airport to prevent the love of his or her life from boarding a plane to another country.) You know, the ones with the white-bread characters who engage in super vanilla activities like riding horseback through the countryside or kissing in the rain without fear of contracting pneumonia.

Here’s a radical idea: dismantle the idea that you cannot get through Feb. 14 without resentment or forlorn reflections of all your failed relationships if you find yourself on the single train this year.

Dismantle the idea that you need someone to make you whole.

Set yourself free from these ideals, and you will find greater clarity as you gravitate through the strangeness that we call life.

Set yourself free from these ideals, and you will find yourself listening to that once-unbearable Adele song from a whole different perspective.

Set yourself free from these ideals by stepping away from the confines of Nicholas Sparks binge-watching sessions, getting some coffee and pulling yourself together.

The very trope of the single, desolate individual on Valentine’s Day is one that we should all just cast away. There are far more remarkable things that warrant our attention.

There really is no need to dwell on what you perceive to be shortcomings of past or current relationships. The act of dwelling only results in deteriorated health and happiness.

This is not information that I could present equipped with actual medical statistics and whatnots, but it totally sounds like something Gandhi or the Dalai Lama would preach, so let’s just assume it to be true and call it a day.

It’s imperative to remember that nothing worth having needs to be forced.

Learn to be comfortable with being alone. It’s one of the most essential things you could possibly carry with you through the trials and tribulations of life.

Let’s end the madness that is dubbed Singles Awareness Day and instead navigate through life with admiration for seemingly trivial things.

And if you find yourself succumbing to the perils of the tired trope of the sad, single individual who needs to be with someone this year, engage in any of the following activities:

“Find a cute puppy to pet.

“Listen to music at a volume that will leave you with irreparable ear damage at a later age.

“Buy yourselfsome damn flowers if you want some so bad.

“Catch up with friends you rarely see anymore due to the busyness of your schedules that involve plans to rule the world.

“Consume a ridiculous amount of Thai food.

“Watch the return of “The Walking Dead” and swoon over Andrew Lincoln and his facial hair.

“For the love of all things holy, just do whatever it takes to aid in the ultimate downfall of Singles Awareness Day.


Monica Lopez / The Poly Post

Valentine’s Day

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