Why everybody loves Super Bowl Commercials

By Elaine DeLeon

The Super Bowl has come and gone and so has our time spent gathered around cheering for our team while enjoying all the nachos and hot wings we can eat. However, it is not just the game that gets us excited for this time of year, but also the commercials that follow right after.

We wait in anticipation for it, but the question that comes up is why? What separates those from what we usually see on TV, and what is so special about them that keep us coming back at it?

One reason could be that there is more effort put into these commercials. Companies behind these commercials are highly recognized and have a lot of money to buy the time slot.

Since there is more money involved, these companies have increased freedom to put more time, more energy and be more creative in their ads. Also, unlike usual commercials we see on primetime, Super Bowl commercials tend to leave more of an impact on us because we talk about them for the rest of the year.

As for why they are so popular, it could be that, like the halftime show, it is a side show from the game. Viewers have a little break from cheering on their teams to just relax and lay back a bit.

It is true that sometimes viewers can focus on something they can spend hours on end being excited for. Even so, it is nice to have a break from it all before passing out from all the excitement. Plus, diehard fans do not have to worry about which team to root for while watching them.

It can also be a source of entertainment for non-sport fans, as it entertains people on a general level. Since part of the Super Bowl experience is to have a party with friends and family, there are more than likely going to be some guests who are not into the game, and it can feel awkward not buying into the excitement.

With commercials, it leaves a person with something to look forward to as he or she sits through the game.

Along with that, Super Bowl commercials are a great conversation topic that can be discussed with the general public. Pretty much anyone who has seen the Super Bowl can talk about the commercials; it is a topic that can bring people together. Not to mention, commercials are usually put up online, and people can enjoy them year-round.

In a way, it is like waiting for a new movie or TV show. It is even more anticipated now that companies are unleashing sneak peeks of their commercials online. This only increases the excitement.

Like a movie, anyone would hope that the commercial turns out well and will not disappoint considering the fact that he or she has been waiting for it since last year.

What also makes the commercials fun is expecting the unexpected. Whether it is a new movie trailer or a creative sketch, it is a fun experience to have.

It can be the same reason why fans watch the Super Bowl: they wait all year watching each game, itching to see which teams will make it in the end. Once the teams are up, there is excitement to see who will win. Sure, one can predict it, but once the game begins, anything can happen.


Courtesy of T-Mobile


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