Today’s ‘hoverboards’ incomparable to ‘BTTF’ ‘hoverboards’

By Ivan Mateo

One of my favorite film trilogies when I was younger was “Back To The Future.” So many memorable scenes and creative ideas stemmed from those films like the Delorean traveling through time, Marty McFly utilizing his hoverboard in tricky situations and Doc Emmett Brown exclaiming, “Great Scott!”

Fans recently celebrated “Back To The Future” Day this year on Oct. 21. There was considerable fanfare surrounding the day; the protagonist essentially traveled to that date at the end of the first film, and it was the main setting for the second film. Actor Michael J. Fox, who played Marty, received his own pair of Nike Air mags with shoelaces that tied themselves just like in the film. Fox and Christopher Lloyd even reprised their roles as Marty McFly and Doc Brown for a “Back To The Future” skit on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” They asked Kimmel questions and slowly realized that 2015 in the film is definitely not the same as 2015 today. Among their realizations was that there are no hoverboards, or at least not the same kind in the film.

But what about those self-balancing boards that have been on the rise lately?

These present-day “hoverboards” have been popping up everywhere. Athletes from different disciplines are lazily “hovering” into practice. Musicians like Justin Bieber “hover” almost everywhere, and their Instagram posts are living proof of their use of the device.

All these celebrities use one, so it has to be cool, right? It isn’t.

These are not “hoverboards.” Rather, they are pieces of plastic or metal attached to two wheels. Each one is basically a segway without the steering handle.

They are nicknamed “hoverboards” because it is much simpler to say. The reality is that these “hoverboards” are just smart, self-balancing, two-wheel mini Segways. When I think of Segways, I think of cops and “Paul Blart: Mall Cop,” and when I think of scooters, I think of the Razor scooters almost every child owned because they were “cool.” (Don’t say you didn’t own one, because you know you did. You tried to do tricks, like trying to whip those scooters around, only to hit yourself in the shins. It really does hurt, and serves you right!)

A friend of mine told me she saw a couple walking together holding hands, while one of them was “hovering.” Really? The other significant other could not have walked? He or she had to “hover?”

This new epidemic has gotten way out of control. I recently searched for pictures of these “hoverboards” and found people using them while walking their dogs or walking with their kids. How sad.

“Hoverboards” may be the newest craze, but they paint a dismal future. In fact, this new fad is reminiscent to Disney’s “WALL-E,” where all the humans at the end were overweight and could barely walk because all they did was consume food and media 24 hours a day; it kind of sounds eerily familiar.

Welcome to the future. Great Scott! It’s disappointing.

Victoria Kernen / The Poly Post


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