Racy costumes dominate Halloween

By Keziah Arnold

With the holiday season quickly approaching, the thought of midterms takes the backseat as a more important question comes to light: what costume options are there for Halloween this year?

After countless finds on Pinterest of the top 20 this and top 50 that, there are hundreds of clever costume ideas out there to choose from.

So why is it that clever costumes ideas get overshadowed by the relentless “sexy” versions of the most trivial get-ups?

Searching the term “sexy costumes” will result in endless pages on Google. Websites are becoming attentive to the fact that sexy costumes that appeal to the market of young women are a moneymaker.

This is not to say that women should not be comfortable in getting risque for the best dress-up day of the year. On the contrary, Halloween is the prime time to take advantage of the freedom to put on a yearly outfit and rock the you-know-what out of it.

Being comfortable and confident is the most important accessory, any woman could wear and own.

However, there is a line that is crossed on two accounts: costumes becoming too provocative and innocent ideas being exploited as provocative.

Every year, there are new costumes that pop up from relevancy over the preceding months that seem to be created out of desperation for something new. For example, the production of the sexy Ebola nurse outfit, which grew out of an actual epidemic, is not tasteful.

In terms of today’s youth, it appears as if many parents are advocating stepping away from gender-specific ensembles, which is a progressive separation from preconceived gender roles.

Yet, despite this mindset, there is still a huge setback when companies make “sexy” versions of costumes for young girls that are far from equivalent to versions intended for young boys. Different Halloween outlets can house an array of “masculine” costumes for boys, while the section for girls will have a fraction of the same choices. Even then, the alternatives for young girls are far daintier and arguably inappropriate for their age group.

What if a young girl under the age of 10 wants to dress up as a police officer for Halloween, but the only girl version of a cop costume is a short-sleeved, tight blue dress?

Examples like this are becoming imprinted as ideas in the minds of young girls. They should not be subjected to thinking that they can only dress as a “girly” and even lesser version of what they ideally want to be.

It is worth mentioning that there is nothing wrong with little girls who want to dress up as fairies or princesses; however, is it fair to tell a little girl who wants to dress up as a racecar driver or Darth Vader that she can’t because there’s no suitable costume available?

In addition to mature costumes being created for a young population, innocent childlike costumes are becoming increasingly glorified for adults.

This parallel is somewhat overlooked, as there are a number of sexualized costumes in the market that probably would not have even been dreamed of a decade ago.

There is, again, a line crossed here from creativity leading to tastelessness

The costume market has become disappointing for adult females who do not desire to dress up as a half-naked animal or Sesame Street character.

The industry of sexualized costumes is turning adult ideas onto young girls far too early, and it is manipulating childhood characters for an adult population in a bizarre, improper way.

Halloween is and will be a day to enjoy. As the years go by, this unusual trend in inappropriate costumes will not be fully realized.

There is nothing wrong with young girls wanting to dress as something usually held by an older role, per its appropriateness. There is nothing wrong with older females wanting to get giddy over dressing up as the mindful choice of an unexploited, childlike costume.

Halloween Costume

Monica Lopez / The Poly Post

Halloween Costume

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