The dark side of technology

By Maria Singh

“No problem,” I said with a strained voice as the girl who bumped into me apologized and picked up her phone off the floor. Suddenly, A realization dawned on me as I looked around: people were walking around with their heads practically glued to their phones.

Technology has become an addiction. It is true that it has helped us with many facets of life, but it seems the disadvantages of technology are either overlooked or ignored. Aside from its benefits, technology can negatively affect people mentally, physically and socially.

Advancements in technology have made answers more accessible to people with the touch of a finger or a click of a mouse. Such power can impede our mental capability. It is almost as if this generation does not have to think, and that is where the problem lies.

Instead of taking the time to solve and analyze a problem on our own, we turn to the quick solution: the Internet. Evidently, having answers at the palm of our hand hinders our ability to think critically.

Technology also has an alarming effect on our bodies. According to The Journal of the American Medical Association, for every two hours spent watching television or sitting in front of a computer, the chances of developing Type 2 diabetes increases by 20 percent.

In addition, the risk of developing heart disease increases by 15 percent. All the time that is wasted staring at a screen could be used to develop healthier habits, such as exercising.

Technology also affects our sleeping habits. Everyone has a biological clock, and technology has the potential to irreversibly damage this clock.

According to Meeri Kim of The Washington Post, everybody has a pineal gland that emits melatonin. Melatonin tells us when it is time to sleep. Many people are glued to their phones and tablets before bed, and the blue light from these devices can actually prevent melatonin from being released. Therefore, the time someone falls asleep is delayed.

In addition to affecting our mental and physical capabilities, technology also has a detrimental effect on communication skills.

As a restaurant hostess, the one thing that astonishes me is seeing guests glued to their phones before eating their food. Instead of the guests talking to each other, they tend to publish pictures of their food on Snapchat, watch shows or movies on their tablets or browse online media outlets. Increasingly, meals that include stimulating conversations are becoming rare.

Technological advancements have, without a doubt, revolutionized today’s society. However, they have made us mentally dependent on them.

Technological improvements have also made us physically inactive. Most importantly, they have altered the way we interact with our loved ones: taking away the “quality” in quality time.

darkside technology

Monica Lopez / The Poly Post

darkside technology

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