Coachella tops Electric Daisy Carnival

By Katrina Ultreras

We are in the midst of Goldenvoice’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Annual Festival. While I’m excited for the weekend to arrive, I’ve encountered several eye rolls from friends who prefer Insomniac’s Electric Daisy Carnival. They can say what they want, but Coachella is better than EDC.

Both events are popular music festivals with outstanding acts, but Coachella offers a wider range of genres. From rock to electric dance music, people with diverse music tastes can see their favorite artists. Unfortunately, EDC is limited to electronic music. Although I am a fan of a few of these artists such as Zedd, Flume and Kaskade, I still believe that electronic music lacks meaning.

Each festival offers a unique experience: EDC has enchanting lights and an excellent carnival theme, while Coachella embraces art with various installations and a memorable camping experience that extends the event into a four-day adventure. Blogger Socialite in a Soldier recounted her experiences at both festivals, claiming that three days was long enough at EDC but not long enough at Coachella.

Apart from the music element, fashion also plays a distinct role in both festivals. I consider myself a fashionista at times and enjoy putting together Coachella-inspired outfits, but I do agree with the many people who think the flower crown, heart-shaped sunglasses and fringe trends need to go. Other than that, fashion at Coachella is more tasteful ” and actually wearable ” in comparison to EDC outfits. A crop top, maxi skirt, booties and a Panama hat make the perfect outfit for the festival, but the ensemble can also be worn to a lunch date where spectators wouldn’t give a second look in disbelief or feel uncomfortable.

On the other hand, a shell bikini top embroidered in pink and purple rhinestones, a matching colored tutu, furry legwarmers and a face covered in glitter is an outfit only acceptable at a rave. Such an outfit would leave people astounded and possibly upset over the lack of clothing. I do like the opportunity EDC creators give attendees to be creative with their wardrobes, but I don’t see any real fashion.

Moreover, drugs and alcohol are usually tied to music festivals. Many can argue that Coachella is a dangerous playground for different types of drug experimentation, but EDC is much more deadly. Ravers commonly take MDMA and ecstasy, which has previously resulted in tragedies. According to LA Weekly, six fatalities are related to EDC while Coachella only has one on record. Apparently Coachella is a lot safer to attend.

Coachella and EDC both make tremendous amounts of money annually. For three days of pure fun at Coachella, I am content with paying $375. Although some of my friends think they can convince me to change my mind about EDC, it won’t happen anytime soon.

I’ve fallen in love with the desert festivity and will continue to attend year after year.


Sungah Choi / The Poly Post


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