U.S. government needs updating

By Mireya Martinez

It is time for an upgrade to our government: a Government 2.0.

More than 200 years after the ratification of the U.S. Constitution, our government no longer seems representative of us, “the people of the United States,” or to be in pursuit of “a more perfect union.”

In fact, our government is more divided than ever.

A study conducted by the Pew Research Center shows that Democrats and Republicans are more ideologically divided, and regard each other with more disdain than ever before.

This has turned Congress into a battlefield: a showdown to prove who is bigger and stronger. This has also cost our country progress.

I would like to believe that every American would agree that peace, economic growth and education should be our primary concerns.

However, our government’s choices do not reflect this. In fact, the military’s budget is much larger than the money invested into education, science and medical research combined.

So, it seems it is all reversed.

At some point, we considered ourselves to be so ahead of other governments that we stopped making progress. We sat back and settled for good enough.

But any organization that is not progressing is collapsing.

Many things have changed in the last 250 years or so: We’ve moved on from telegraphs to cell phones and from steam engines to the possibility of a self-driving vehicle. We have the Internet and antibiotics. We have stepped on the moon, and we have made it back.

The list of innovations and advances is so long that it could fill multivolume tomes.

But our government runs virtually the same as it did in 1789. Our laws make it possible for a third Bush to run for presidency, making us more akin to a dynasty than a democracy.

Lobbying dollars have polluted our system’s veins. Government organizations encroach on our privacy without us even noticing. We rely completely on our government to be transparent, and it just doesn’t happen.

It isn’t all bad though. There are organizations, like the crowd-funded Mayday PAC, that are trying to get a healthy democracy running once again. There are still watchdogs that refuse to back down, and we still have all of the rights that allow us to push for betterment.

The founding fathers of this country knew evolution would be inevitable. We have grown from 13 states to 50 states and a territory and from almost 4 million people to over 320 million.

So there certainly has to be a better way of running this country: perhaps one that is more inclusive of everyone and doesn’t allocate power on the basis of money. It would have to be a way that would give us, the people, the strength necessary to break gridlocks.

We certainly have the communication tools necessary to make this possible.

I am not sure how this evolved government would look or how exactly it would function, but I am certain that we could figure it out and once again be on the road towards “a more perfect union.”

The White House

Sungah Choi / The Poly Post

The White House

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