One week of spring break is not enough time

By Reynaldo Dueeas

At the peak of all of the stress and sleepless nights that came with winter finals, Cal Poly Pomona students looked forward to their spring break. It was supposed to be a time to sit back, relax and have no worries. But, just as students began getting comfortable, spring break ended suddenly.

Unfortunately, CPP only offers its students one week of spring break, as it runs on the quarter system. With the quarter system, students and faculty have to rush to cover the necessary material in a matter of 10 weeks. Still, is this a reason to offer students only one week of recovery after a grueling 10 weeks of rushed work?

CPP should offer two weeks of spring break instead of only one, in order to maintain a productive environment in the classroom. Many students skip the first two days of class anyway, because they have traveled great distances to visit their families and one week simply isn’t enough.

A prediction we can make is that if spring break was two weeks, we would see fewer absences during the first week of spring quarter.

This wouldn’t only benefit students, but faculty as well. Many faculty also cancel the first day of class, because they travel for both vacations and conferences during the limited spring vacation. It’s also important to remember that CPP rarely offers its spring break during the Easter holiday. For many students, this is an important holiday in which they enjoy spending quality time with their family.

Besides the holiday, students may not yet be mentally prepared to return to class with only a week’s rest. After the fall quarter is complete, students have a month of vacation before the winter quarter begins.

That gives students enough time to truly recuperate from the previous 10 weeks, even giving out-of-state students the opportunity to travel back home.

CPP can easily extend spring break and add a week to the end of the spring quarter instead. After all, quarter system schools have the longest summers, so there would be no issue with taking away one week of summer vacation in order to extend the rather short spring break.

CPP’s spring break simply goes by too fast, and the one week does not offer students enough personal time. A second week of spring break is necessary for the benefit of the students and the faculty.

Spring Break

Monica Lopez / The Poly Post

Spring Break

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