Six Reasons Macs Are Better than PCs

By Marlen Chinos

Every day you make choices. You choose to go to sleep at a reasonable hour, or stay up watching Netflix until 5 a.m. You choose to go to the gym or hang out with your friends after work. And you choose to cook a healthy meal at home, or become Little Caesars’ number one customer.

No matter how big or small, every choice you make will have an impact on your life. And as a college student, shopping for a new computer is no different. One of these choices is Mac or PC. There are many things to consider, including price, longevity and the overall look and feel of the computer. Ultimately, your choice will have a lasting effect on your professional career.

Like everything in life, there are pros and cons to both, but here are six reasons why Macs hold the upper hand and are better than PCs.


Mac computers are designed with simplicity in mind. Apple’s operating system, OS X, is able to hide a lot of things that you don’t usually need to see, which allows for easier use. Everything you need can be accessed through the dock, and there is no need for digging through menus or folders. Connecting to Wi-Fi can be just as simple. You are able to create as many desktops as you please and organize all of your work, making it as accessible as possible.

iPhone integration

Today, it seems as though everyone has an iPhone. With a Mac, you are able to automatically sync your iPhone, allowing the computer’s apps to mirror the iPhone’s Reminders, Messages, Calendar, Mail, Contacts, Photos and Notes apps.

No potential viruses

Compared to PC users, Mac users live in bliss with far fewer viruses, spyware and malware. However, you should still install anti-virus software.

The App Store

Apple’s App Store, which is included on every Mac, makes it easy to find, install and even uninstall apps. There are thousands of apps to choose from, and it connects to your iTunes to make purchases much easier. It also alerts you when your apps have been updated, allowing you to update them all with just one click away.


AppleCare is the technical support system and service that Apple created in order to help its customers with any future software and hardware issues. With the use of any Apple product, you receive a one-year warranty, as well as 90 days worth of free tech help over the phone. You can also buy additional support with the AppleCare Protection Plan or AppleCare+. Any time you have a problem with your Mac, you can schedule an appointment with the Genius bar at an Apple Store. Apple cares for its customers and wants to ensure your satisfaction.

Aesthetically pleasing

Although there are a variety of PCs to choose from, you can’t beat the clean, sleek and elegant style of a Mac. Mac computers make the user feel sophisticated and elegant. All aluminum and glass, Macs have redefined what a computer is supposed to look like.

Mac vs. PC

Marlen Chinos, Staff Writer

Mac vs. PC

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