Love not just for Valentine’s Day

By Karina Ultreras

In elementary school, kids have the responsibility of picking out the perfect Valentine’s Day cards and candy to exchange with friends and classmates.

When they move on to high school, there’s even more pressure to have a special someone as their valentine.

Further down in life, for those in a relationship or married, Valentine’s Day is the day for demonstrating love to a significant other with gifts and a date night.

To be completely honest, I think Valentine’s Day is pointless. People who are in love shouldn’t have to validate their feelings for one another on just one specific day. Rather, demonstrating love for your partner should be a constant.

Many doubt the origin of Valentine’s Day. Some believe it began in the Roman days when Saint Valentine performed secret weddings against Emperor Claudius II’s requests.

Others think it is a commercialized holiday created by Hallmark and other greeting card companies as a ploy to increase revenues.

Despite its conflicting origins, Valentine’s Day is a holiday that many companies take advantage of to sell their goods. According to Latin Times, about 8 billion candy hearts will be produced this year, and over $1 billion worth of chocolate is purchased in the United States.

Stuffed animals are also very popular on V-Day ” many of us chuckle at the pointlessness of these toys, as they will probably be forgotten or thrown out in time.

On this holiday some people decide it is a good idea to take the plunge and propose, another example of people believing it is necessary to prove their love only on Feb. 14.

An average of 220,000 wedding proposals happen on the holiday, as stated by Latin Times.

Other than the pressure that is put on couples, Valentine’s Day also serves as a major stressor for single people. While everyone is making reservations for dates, it is awkward for singles to be reminded that they don’t have someone special in their lives. Reuters and Ipsos pollings indicated that one in four Americans prefers spending Valentine’s Day with a pet rather than a partner.

Without trying to sound bitter, the weight of having a valentine is stupid. Living the single life isn’t bad, and meeting new people is fun. Singles Awareness Day is perfect for those who have similar beliefs to mine. SAD is celebrated on Feb. 15 ” exclusively for singles who are sick of feeling left out the previous day.

The SAD website states a group of single people who wanted to remind everyone that it is okay to be single created the holiday.

I’ll admit, I’ve never had a valentine. For those wondering what I will be doing Feb. 14, I will be attending a concert and treating myself to a big box of chocolates. Maybe one day I’ll be into the lovey-dovey day, but for now, Valentine’s Day just sucks.


Monica Lopez / The Poly Post

Valentine’s Day

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