Kim Kardashian bares all for Paper Magazine

By Juana Lopez

Kim Kardashian breaks the internet! No, but really. Leave it to the social media queen to take over all of social media by doing what she does best ” showing off her oh-so-famous derriere.

On Nov. 12, Mrs. Kanye West posted a variety of photos on her social media accounts, sparking a whirlwind of opinions and very entertaining memes. These pictures weren’t just any regular pictures: these were nude pictures of a shoot for Paper magazine.

People were sure to let their voices be heard.

“She’s a mom,” most individuals said. Many people believed that Kardashian’s shoot was too provocative, especially for being a mother.

But I am honestly not bothered at all by the fact that she posted these pictures of herself. So what if she’s a mom? Let her embrace her assets any way she wants. She is not the only mom posing in a bodysuit. Many models do it as well, and nobody is getting mad at them for it.

West himself seemed to approve of his wife’s pictures, retweeting her images with the caption “#ALLDAY.” It wasn’t the first time he showed major support for his lady love. On a previous booty shot that Kardashian tweeted earlier this year, West retweeted the photo with the caption “HEADING HOME NOW.”

I’m sure Ray J ” you might remember him as the co-star in Kardashian’s infamous sex tape ” wasn’t mad at her either.

He still pockets about $30,000 a month for tape sales, but according to President of Vivid Entertainment Steve Hirsch, this week alone he received a $50,000 check: thanks to Kardashian’s photo spread and the public’s rekindled interest in her private life.

After Paper revealed the spread, sales of her 2007 sex tape skyrocketed, solidifying it as one of the best-selling celebrity sex tapes of all time. I guess sex really does sell.

Although I do not disagree with Kardashian doing the shoot, I still do not believe it was her best picture. People say you can’t have too much, but I would have to disagree. And for those people who don’t think it’s photoshopped: sorry to burst your bubble, but it so is. Any professional magazine cover is photoshopped. Even Paper magazine admitted that it had been altered.

“Of course it was photoshopped,” said Paper co-founder and editor Kim Hastreiter in an interview with Digiday. “Do you really think you can open a bottle of champagne and get it to spray in a thin line over someone’s head, and land perfectly in a glass sitting on that same person’s bottom?”

The idea of any photograph being photoshopped gives young girls a distorted perception of what a natural body should look like. Unfortunately, that is the type of world that we live in. Even I constantly compare myself to these “perfect” women on magazine covers.

It’s impossible to try to stop these unfair comparisons until celebrities and famous icons abandon their images as sex-sellers, and instead become proper role models for millions of fans.

Young girls should not stress about the way they look simply because a dramatically digitally enhanced picture tells them that their appearance is subpar.

And to answer the biggest question of all, did Kardashian really break the Internet? No, she didn’t.

But she did create an outpour of very amusing memes. My personal favorite was one that featured Kardashian as a centaur.

I may follow the Kardashians and their every move, but I’m beginning to get tired of trying to keep up with these types of pictures.

We can all move on for now, but it’s just a matter of time until the next Kardashian scandal surfaces.

Kim Kardashian in Paper Magazine

Courtesy Paper Magazine

Kim Kardashian in Paper Magazine

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