Are we human or are we raver?

By Jessica Curtis

Raves seem to have become a common topic among young people these days. Our social media networks are flooded with photos and videos from Hard Summer, Electric Daisy Carnival, Day of The Dead, Beyond Wonderland and many more, documenting individual’s personal experiences at these events.

The common opinions on raves are that they are a breeding ground for drug use, as well as an excuse for people to lose all inhibition and disregard negative consequences.

However, on the flip side, raves are and were intended to be a place for those looking to really experience the music they love and to house a community of people with common interests.

From my experience, I think that both opinions on raves are true, depending on what you are looking for.

Unfortunately, the negative opinions about drug use at raves are true. Many use drugs during these shows to enhance the experience and to metaphysically feel the music surrounding them. However, this is a personal choice and is not true for everyone that attends. Many people just as easily make the decision to be mentally present and sober for the experience.

The same can be said for the stereotype of ravers losing their inhibitions.

On some level, losing your inhibitions for a short period of time can be a good thing, because at one time or another, we all have experienced the need for something different and exciting.

As long as you are not compromising your health, a rave can be that new and exciting thing. Ignoring the consequences is also a personal choice.

Raves were originally created so people could share in something special together. While drug use and lewd behavior can be factors, the point of these shows is to give people the chance to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

Although I do understand that these types of shows and music may not be for everyone, I think it’s important to be open minded and to not hold back on things you may want to experience just because of someone else’s opinion.

There are many misconceptions surrounding the idea of a rave and the kind of people that attend them. Based on who I know, it’s easy to say they go for more than to get high and be stupid.

The word rave has had a few different meanings and descriptions, but there is one in particular that has always stuck out to me. Lord Byron once wrote, “Who loves, raves.” To me, this means ‘Who loves, lives,’ and having experiences and moments that can truly make you happy and feel fulfilled for even just a moment seems worth trying.


Monica Lopez / The Poly Post


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