Shootin’ Cheap

By Meaghan Sands

With the Katniss Everdeen craze sweeping the nation, it’s only fitting that we pick up a bow and arrow and prepare to fight the evils of the world”or maybe just shoot some hay bales.

This week a friend and I visited an archery club hidden amongst the woody areas South of the Pasadena Rose Bowl. Classes are offered most Saturday mornings.

This was our experience:

6:45 We leave the house, guided by the all-mighty voice of Google Maps, headed to an archery range hidden amongst the woodlands of the Arroyo Seco.

7:07 We arrive at the Pasadena Roving Archers range and drive down a dirt road to park in the half-empty lot.

7:08 Using the footbridge, we head across the wash and join the dozen or so people who are already in line.

7:15 A sign-in sheet is passed down the line and rubber bands are given to those whose flowing locks are not tied back.

7:35 Our John Hancock is requested on a liability form and we learn that archery is not based on handedness, but eye dominance (I discover that I am left handed and right eye dominant).

7:36 The line, now about 50 people long, is cut off after 30 are admitted due to the limited amount of instructors.

7:43 Time to get fitted with equipment: bows based on eye dominance and arrows based on arm length. A quiver, arm guard and finger tab are also provided.

7:50 Our instructor leads us through a safety and orientation class, complete with a lesson on proper technique.

8:12 Open shooting commences and, between the two of us, we hit three bulls-eyes. Our group of 13 shoots from the line at a single target; we go six rounds.

9:30 Open shooting with the rest of the groups at a larger range. The line is open and we choose between about seven bales, each with three targets; we go two rounds. We hit one bulls-eye.

9:45 Balloon shots commence. Everyone gets one chance and two arrows to shoot. Pop a balloon and win a dollar that can be defaced with a PRA stamp”we didn’t win.

10:00 We turn in our equipment and are issued a card certifying that we have completed the “Introductory to Archery and Basic Range Safety” Class. On our next return we can sleep in and head to the range around 9 a.m.

L.A. On A Budget

L.A. On A Budget

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