Jennifer Lawrence really is all she’s cracked up to be

By Thea O’Dell

When thinking of celebrities, the first person that comes to many people’s minds is Jennifer Lawrence. Fondly nicknamed J. Law, Lawrence has become a huge success in Hollywood and is breaking every rule imaginable in the A-List world. So you have to wonder, is the insanely loved Jennifer Lawrence all that she’s cracked up to be?

Lawrence first began to break into the acting world with major roles in the movies “Winter’s Bone” and “X-Men: First Class.” But even after growing recognition from these blockbuster films, no one seemed to be going gaga for her just yet.

And then there was “The Hunger Games” in March 2012. The film was already predicted to be the hit movie of the year, and with all of the attention, the public also seemed to be invested in whom was going to have the honor of playing the main characters of the best-selling book series turned feature film.

Lawrence started to appear everywhere- on entertainment shows, online interviews, red carpet events and anywhere else that included the gathering of household name celebrities. Her undeniably quirky personality began to shine through at these star-studded events and in came a flood of absolute adoration and obsession over Lawrence.

Some may say that she’s too unpolished, has no manners or is too offensive with the lack of a filter she has, but she is so much more than that. In many people’s eyes, she’s cracked the code on how to be the effortless cool girl that everyone either wants to be best friends with or date. She’s touted as the girl that’s just like everyone else- just with a slightly longer list of achievements in the acting department.

Lawrence is fearless when speaking about her unfortunate timing when it comes to “gastrointestinal stress.” She’s admitted to having a ferocious appetite nearly all of the time and loves to tell interviewers about her passion for pizza, fries and any other food that would be considered fatal to a Hollywood starlet’s “perfect” figure.

Moreover, while regaled movie director David O. Russell sees her as his new favorite muse and Chanel insisted on her being the feature in their latest fashion campaign she swears that she absolutely hates exercising and dresses like a self-proclaimed “tomboy” in her free time. It’s undeniable that while she may admit to these sometimes flinch-worthy confessions, she’s also still the youngest three-time Oscar nominated actress with looks that could kill.

Which brings us back to the question of if she is really just “one of the guys” who also happens to be one the most famous celebrities of our time?

I’d like to believe that she is. She’s given me, along with many other women, the hope that being yourself really is alright. So many other famous actresses before her have paved the road for being the “ideal woman” with flawless skin, a slim figure, lady-like but still lively enough to be appealing to both genders. The list could on and on.

And then there’s J. Law. The woman who tripped going up the stairs to accept her Academy Award and the same one who spilled and flung mints everywhere during a press conference for the Hunger Games. She can handle uncomfortable situations that include Jack Nicholson coming up behind her on the red carpet to awkwardly flirt with her and falling while getting out of her car when arriving to the Oscars this year and still being able to laugh at herself.

It can’t be said enough that she could actually be considered quite the role model for younger girls. Amidst all of her clumsiness and somewhat shockingly honest and yet ridiculously hilarious comments, she’s proving to everyone time and time again that, no matter what your flaws are, if you own them no one can put you down for them. It’s alright to eat and dress how you want and the less inhibitions about your personality the better.

I don’t know about you, but I’d love to be best friends with this refreshingly modern cool girl- while sharing stories over some chili cheese fries of course.

Jennifer Lawrence really is all she

Courtesy WikiMedia Commons

Jennifer Lawrence really is all she’s cracked up to be

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