Food With Friends: The lazy food gift

By Meaghan Sands

With Christmas and New Years done and gone my family is still organizing the remnants of the gifts and stocking stuffers we received. I don’t know about your family, but my family always finds new and interesting food and cooking items to gift.

This year, among other favorites such as the kumquat soda, old fashioned hand beater and the pancake batter dispenser, came one of my favorite food gifts of all: a quesadilla maker.

I don’t know whether to be flattered or slightly offended at this gift. Someone either gave it to me because they know I love those cheesy packed hand snacks or because they know I’m lazy enough to want a ready-to-eat quesadilla in five minutes or less.

Either way, this gift did not stay in the box for long, and I was making delicious snacks for me and my family with what was left of our Christmas ham. We also enjoyed chicken, black bean and the traditional cheese quesadilla.

I don’t know what it is about quesadillas that makes them so appeasing. They’re kind of like the skinny man’s burrito. They can be filled with anything, but limit the amount of deliciousness you put in them: have you ever seen a chubby quesadilla? I haven’t, so please introduce me to one when you do.

Maybe it’s also the fact that they make an easy snack to share with friends-though who really wants to share?

Why is it that quesadillas have not reached the prowess that tacos have? People will scour the streets for the next best taco stand, but you rarely hear someone raving about the last quesadilla they had.

If you think about it, there are striking similarities between the two. Both are hand held foods carried to our welcoming mouths by a warm, slightly crispy, and preferably handmade, tortilla.

You also have the free will to fill it with a variety of delectable items and top it with the same accoutrements that you would any street taco. It’s not as filling as a burrito, but can be sized to the perfect amount for any level of hunger.

With all this said, I think that quesadillas could give taco stands a run for their money. Talk about an ethnic handheld snack you can grab on the run or wrap up and save for later, with less spillage than a taco.

Let’s just say I may be taking my quesadilla maker to streets some day. Tacos in under five with your choice of fillings.

Who could resist?

Food With Friends

Food With Friends

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