Star should check himself before he wrecks himself

By Prisilla Contreras-Soto

Lil Wayne wanted to portray a dramatic effect in one of his song but instead came up with what most people would believe to be an offensive comment.

It is hard to believe that lyrics such as the ones mentioned in his song “Karate Chop” would make it so far without his support team being wise enough to say he went too far.

Most people would say that Lil Wayne was practicing his freedom of speech but morally, no one should be allowed to include a horrific historical event in such a demeaning manner.

Artists in the past and present have been known to do and say controversial acts that have offended many groups of people. Censoring music is also believed to be a problem in the industry.

However, just because artists want to express their music with as much feeling as they can, does not mean they should.

The specific lyric in Lil Wayne’s song has to do with the brutal slaying of a 14-year old boy named Emmett Till. Till’s death to his family is a mournful occurrence that should be referenced in a song about undignified sexual acts.

Lil Wayne is incorrect to try and further his musical career at the expense of others’ emotional trauma.

Some censorship, nevertheless, is taken to an extreme level. Most songs will become censored because of religious groups that find something offensive or because of concerned parents who want to keep their children from profanity.

Using the death of a boy, however, especially during a dark time in U.S. history, is something that should not be allowed by anyone.

Till’s cousin, Airickca Gordon-Taylor, sent a letter to Lil Wayne to express her concern over the matter and made it clear that the historical event was not something to take lightly.

Not only was the reference to Till inappropriate, but Taylor pointed out that what the reference was portraying was also demeaning to women.

It is true that many artists have depicted women in a negative sense, especially in the category of music that Lil Wayne is in.

This is yet another reason why artists should reanalyze their music today.

Lil Wayne managed to not only offend the memory of Till, but also managed to find another way to degrade women through his music.

It is interesting to see artists behave and act in such ways. If Lil Wayne had sat down to re-evaluate his album then he would not be facing the scrutiny that he is facing today.

Many artists not only lose fans this way ,but also gain a negative reputation for their behavior.

When any entertainer chooses to make the conscious decision of offending groups of people, there always seems to be consequences either in their personal lives or in their professional lives.

It is unfortunate for them to get so much negative attention when the average person could make their mistakes every day.

Being in the public eye should force people to understand that there are average human mistakes that are irreversible in an entertainment career.

The line that was offensive in Lil Wayne’s song was taken out but the artist has yet to comment.

Lil Wayne

Brian Hernandez/The Poly Post

Lil Wayne

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