Adultery should not be reason Petraeus loses job

By Lindsey Floyd

Last week was a busy one for America with the national election and the continued clean up after Hurricane Sandy. Despite both of these events, most of the country’s attention has been diverted by yet another government official’s sexual scandal.

David Petraeus, retired army general and once director of the CIA, resigned last week after an FBI investigation revealed he had been involved in an extra marital affair and possibly shared classified information.

Petraeus is said to have had an ongoing relationship with Paula Broadwell beginning in the fall of 2011 and ending in summer of 2012.

A graduate student at the time, Broadwell met Petraeus at Harvard in 2006. She researched Petraeus for her Ph. D. dissertation, visiting him in Afghanistan in 2010 and finally publishing his biography in January 2012.

The Petraeus and Broadwell scandal has also led to the investigation of Marine Corps General John Allen who may have sent inappropriate messages to Jill Kelley, liaison at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa Bay, Florida.

As was the case in President Bill Clinton’s sex scandal, the media has placed Petraeus and friends as top priority for news material, a decision many are refuting with good reason.

Sexual scandals should not cost government officials their jobs. Marriage, and the rules it creates for couples, is a religious institution and for those conservatives who seem to have forgotten, America separates church and state; at least it aims to.

Whom an official is having sexual relations with is irrelevant. It does not affect American rights, pocket books or American lives at all.

With this in mind, I will say Petraeus may deserve to lose his job after all. If he allowed the elicit love making to bypass his brain functioning and gave up confidential information then he must be punished, but for breaching confidentiality, not for being unfaithful.

If no abuse of confidential information is determined, then the only damage done by the affair will be towards Petraeus’ career and family. Neither of which are public concern.

The use of sexual scandal as news is simply a money making scheme for the media. Sex sells, the news knows it, and just like all the drivers on our freeways slowing to look at any car accident, viewers will pause to hear about the latest sex scandal.

So try to straighten out those rubber necks America, we have more pressing problems.


Nicole Calinawan/The Poly Post


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