Health care expansion, step forward

By Michaela Ard

Employers across the United States are now legally obligated to
provide health plan coverage for contraceptives, and women around
the country have responded with positive feelings and relief.

In a nation where Viagra is firmly covered by health care plans,
it is nice to know that contraceptives such as birth control pills,
now have nearly universal coverage as well.

This rule approved by the Obama Administration is a progressive
and somewhat of a surprising step.

The announcement was unexpected because it is rare when
something is actually accomplished in government. Politicians
usually proclaim vague, unrealistic promises that never amount to

One such empty pledge from the Obama campaign was to repeal tax
cuts for higher income individuals making more than $200,000 a
year. So far, no tax increases have been issued to help balance out
the differences between the middle and upper classes.

Yet improving heath care has been a promise from the president
since he began running for office and that promise has steadily
been fulfilled, slowly but surely.

The specific coverage most likely took so long to pass because
family planning can be a controversial topic in society and the
powers of government almost never take a stand on controversial
problems. The fact that action was taken to improve health care
plans was

a rather refreshing thing.

The topic is controversial because some individuals, usually
with extreme religious or conservative backgrounds, believe women
should not use contraceptives and should just let whatever happens,

However, realistic individuals, or people who do not wish to
star in the next “20 Kids and Counting,” disagree. A woman has only
one brief life to live, and it would be a terrifying existence if
that woman did not have some type of control over her body.

In the grand scheme of things, it can be said that the coverage
of contraceptives is a tiny victory, but since the Obama presidency
has been considered a failure, every victory matters.

Coverage of the full cost of contraceptives is ultimately a step
in the right direction and it shines a positive light on individual
rights. It more readily gives people the opportunity to choose
whether or not contraceptives are right for them.

On a basic level, the full cost coverage of the extended health
care plan will offer sought-after benefits and possibly save people
money, which can give them comfort in a time of economic

Women, especially those in the work place, may not have the
desire, time or resources to provide for a large family. Therefore,
the resource of contraceptives can reduce unplanned

Allowing women the choice to use contraceptives covered under a
health care plan can provide peace of mind and possibly increased
confidence in personal finances.

Citizens living in America, in an age of technological and
medical advancements, are fortunate to have the choices of when and
how to start a family.

The benefits provided by this no-cost contraceptive coverage,
part of the Affordable Care Act, will reach millions of women.

What may be the greatest thing about the coverage is the fact
that the president’s administration actually did something

It seems nowadays the government argues over everything and
solves absolutely nothing. The resolution of such an issue that has
been struggling for years is a hope-filled symbol that proves this
country may not be utterly stuck or irreparable after all.

Any action that provides coverage for medical goods is a
positive action, and this near-universal coverage will be
remembered as an encouraging highlight in the Obama presidency.

Birth Control

Illustration by Tiffany Tran / The Poly Post

Birth Control

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