Think critically, act wisely

By Farheen Dayala

“Small is the number of people who see with their eyes and think
with their minds.”

Albert Einstein

Throughout American history, there have been many people who
thought for themselves and were game changers. From the American
Labor Union movement to the Civil Rights movement, we have a rich
history of people withstanding public opinion. They stood up for
what they believed in, even though they might have gotten flak from
those around them.

Today, things are not much different. Game changers still exist
and I am not talking about those in the Arab Spring or Occupy
Movement. I am talking about groups who are not as well-known,
called the Iraq Veterans Against War and Veterans for Peace.

The war in Iraq is officially over, but a couple inspirational
videos I found recently got me thinking about it all over

In a trailer for the documentary titled “Soldiers Speak Out,”
many soldiers speak out against the war and admit that it was
immoral. These are people who enlisted, fought and served the
country and later realized what a grave error they had made. They

realized that they didn’t think for themselves.

It’s no secret that I’m against war, but I have an immense
amount of respect for these former soldiers who amaze me with their
strength and courage. The soldiers in the documentary have either
pulled out of the war, or are now speaking out against it.

“A soldier in the United States military, no matter what branch
it is, only trained to respond to the bell; they’re not trained to
think critically or act wisely,” said a former soldier.

Thinking critically and for yourself is extremely crucial. It is
never easy, but thinking for yourself is much more important than
blindly following something that does not sit well with you.

“You can have all the college money that you want, you can have
all the honorable discharges that you want, but the fact that you
were in a war that was so criminal and immoral and you did nothing
to prevent your participation in it, not all the money in the

not all the education in the world is going to erase that guilt,”
said a former soldier.

The soldiers, sometimes known as conscientious objectors, have
been called un-American for their actions, but to me, they are the
epitome of an American hero.

Farheen Dayala

Farheen Dayala

Farheen Dayala

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