Letter to the Editor: Fat tax may be beneficial

By Roger Bloomfied

One reason much of the world despises the U.S. is that we are
fat, glutinous nation. As leaders, we have a wonderful opportunity
to show the world just how much we respect life by simply
respecting our bodies.

Obesity is not a disease-it is an attitude. We do something
simply because we can.

Similar to seatbelt and helmet laws we sometimes have to be told
what is best for ourselves. The government at times be comes our
appointed guardians.

Why not have a fat tax? Pass it now but don’t have it go into
effect for 20 years from now. This will give overweight folks time
to slim down to a more reasonable and comfortable weight. Children
growing up will then learn some of the financial consequences of
being overweight.

Anyone who is 50 percent or more overweight pays a sales tax at
the grocery store. Twenty years later, whoever becomes 25 percent
ore more overweight pays the sales tax at the grocery aisle.

But, since it is easy to cheat, such as having a skinny person
buy their groceries, the tax should be in the form of a rebate on
your income taxes, whether it be in the form of a rebate on your
income taxes, at the city, county, state or federal level. Every
five years or 50 to prove you’re within proper parameters by a
prescribed scientific and medically approved means such as the
water displacement method and you qualify.

People with medically approved reasons for being overweight gain
an exemption.

Just a few days ago, the world hi the seven billion population
level. Back in the ’60s, there was talk about a Zero Population
Growth to curb this never ending spiral the world is in. China
started a One Child Per Family doctrine long ago. The U.S now has a
virtual Zero Population Growth with approximately 1.86 children per
family. The U.S is growing predominately because of immigration

Healthy people live longer and theoretically are happier.

Besides, the world just may go to war over food/water
availability some day. Let us be individual leaders, not just
government leaders.

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