UC Berkeley bakes up controversy

By Patricia Sanchez

UC Berkley’s recent bake sale to promote diversity may have been
a little too sarcastic for some people to grasp.

The bake sale, organized in protest against the Senate Bill 185
bill, aimed to price its baked goods according to race, gender,
ethnicity, and national and geographic origin.

While the fundamental reason for the bake sale has good
intentions, there is a lot of controversy surrounding the actions
carried out by the group that organized the event and there has
been immediate backlash and criticism on the group’s actions.

The prices in the bake sale were set up to reflect the treatment
of minority groups in the United States.

Prices of the bake sale included: $2 for white customers, $1.50
for Asians, $1.00 for Latinos, 75 cents for blacks, 25 cents for
Native Americans, and an additional 25 cent price cut for all

The bake sale, ran by the Berkeley College Republicans, was
intended to attract awareness toward a new bill awaiting Governor
Jerry Brown’s signature, but has instead caused uproars of

The SB 185 bill in question has been seen as an affirmative
action proposal that many find to be racist and unfair.

The bill would authorize public California universities to
consider a person’s racial and ethnic background into the
admissions process and many find this unfair to base admissions on
a person’s background instead of merit.

The activity was advertised on Facebook and included brash
remarks about racism and the disapproval of affirmative action. The
website contained posts about the unfairness and stressed awareness
of what the bill is aboout and what it could mean for college

To some degree, the Increase Diversity Bake Sale initiated
intellectual thought over the SB 185 bill, yet at the same time it
enticed unflattering remarks on the group’s intentions.

However, the Berkeley College Republicans seem to have gone a
little too far on its sarcastic protest. To many, the Increased
Diversity Bake Sale is ineffective in obtaining awareness toward
the SB 185 bill and is instead creating a bad image for those
against the bill.

Others however, see the bake sale as a clever means of

Those in favor of the bake sale claim the group did not
intentionally try to be racist, but rather bring attention to a new
legislation that could soon come into effect.

One of the main concerns following the act is the idea that
minorities will receive special treatment.

This was one of the bake sales main emphases. The decreased
prices of baked goods sold at the bake sale for non-white ethnic
groups mirrored the advantages a college would give to certain
groups by considering ethnicity and race into the admissions

Simply put, it would make it easier for minorities to gain
acceptance into college.

Whether or not one agrees with the acts of the Berkeley College
Republicans, the facts of the SB 185 bill should still be taken
into consideration.

Although the idea of diversifying a college setting is ideal, it
should not be the foundation of acceptance into a university.

There are always different criteria a university or college
follows when going through the admissions process, and while race
and a person’s ethnic background are taken into consideration to a
point, it should not be a mandatory factor when making admissions

The Berkeley College Republicans originally intended to raise
awareness to a new bill that could possibly affect public colleges
and because the group’s intent was perceived as racist, the bake
sale failed

UC Berkeley

Tiffany Tran / The Poly Post

UC Berkeley

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