That’s what she said

By Tobias Jahn


If she looks good, we will be looking

“What did you just look at?”

Girls, why do you ask the obvious when you know your guy just
looked at another girl?

And now, thanks to your insecurities, she is the enemy.

What women don’t realize is men are just figuring out why they
stick with the girl they are currently with.

Men want to make sure that they picked the right pair of X

Besides, who doesn’t like looking at a work of art?

Why can’t women understand that men like to look at a pretty

It doesn’t matter if we are in a relationship or not. Men are
going to look when an attractive girl walks by, no matter how angry
or insecure it makes you.

Ideally, men should be with one woman, but we definitely weren’t
created to keep our eyes fixed on just one person.

While it’s hard to know everything about them, women are highly
intelligent beings among one another.

Around men, they lose all intelligence and go into argumentation

Why aren’t women just satisfied that they have someone?

So what if we look? It’s in a guy’s DNA. Instead, women have to
complicate things.

Ladies, let me break it down for you.

Men are of a simple breed: we look, we love and we don’t know
any better.

If women realized that all their reverse psychology and mind
tricks were just going over our heads, it would make life a lot
easier on both sexes.

Blame it on our Y chromosome, but even if we don’t look, you
will ask us if we think a girl is pretty.

What is a man to do?

Girls, if we say no, then you blame us for trying to say what
you want to hear. If we say yes, well let’s just say not many men
have escaped unscathed from such a response.

Not only is this technique unfair, it’s entrapment.

So just let us be, and understand that boys will always be

If you are uncomfortable, say something.

Beyond looking, we can also listen too.


Females look too, we’re just better at it

Silly boys, you’re not the only ones looking.

The crucial difference is women know how to be discreet when an
attractive guy passes by.

A beautiful person will magnetically attract the eyes of the
people around them.

The key to remaining on good terms with the person beside you,
after you’ve stolen a quick glance, is discretion.

If men would just understand this, we could go about our day
enjoying all the eye candy the world has to offer.

And yet again, their simplicity forces us to scold them.

Watch and learn, guys.

She’ll sneak a peak before her man even notices there’s another
guy in the room.

The measures women take to avoid getting caught admiring the
opposite sex are not meant to be devious.

We just don’t want the men in our lives to feel inadequate or

The fact that some men want their girlfriends to accept that a
guy’s eyes will lust after any other woman strutting by shows a
lack of sensitivity.

Whether your partner minds you looking or not should determine
how you act in this given situation.

Naturally, if you are dating someone with insecurity and
jealousy issues, prepare to face a more hostile reaction.

To stay on the safe side, be sure you understand the difference
between appreciating beauty and downright ogling.

A quick glance is fine, a prolonged stare is nearing the danger
zone and drooling will probably get you cut.

On the flip side, it would be naive to think your significant
other does not take notice of good looking people.

You may be the apple of his eye, but don’t forget his eyes are
still open.

An easier approach that would take the stress off both of you
would be to mutually comment on the attractiveness, or lack
thereof, have a little laugh and move on with your lives.

While some relationships are more maturely evolved and can
openly appreciate the attractiveness of people crossing their
paths, others must resort to less incriminating means.

Two words: peripheral vision.

Reach Tobias Jahn & Sarah Elkeaikati


Paul Rosales/Poly Post

That’s what she said

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