Blockbuster lags in race for rentals

By Evan Perkins

So much has changed in the last century especially in the
technological world.

Many different types of technology have been invented, only to
fade away and be replaced by newer gadgets and gizmos.

Much like the VHS tapes an 8-track players of yore, Blockbuster
Video is slipping towards antiquation.

Recent methods of renting videos, such as Netflix and Redbox,
are what have Blockbuster teetering so violently on the edge of

An unofficial survey of 20 students found 80 percent use Redbox
or Netflix rather than Blockbuster. Most students said they prefer
Redbox and Netflix for convenience.

Redbox locations are becoming nearly as prolific as Starbucks
cafes and seem to hover around high traffic areas like markets and
gas stations.

Placing Redbox kiosks in such convenient places promotes the
consumer thought, “sinceI’m here anyway, I might as well get

Redbox also appeals to a consumer tendency that Blockbuster
never seemed to understand: the tendency for customers to watch the
movie once, then return it.

Redbox’s one dollar for one-day business plan appeals directly
to this movie viewer demographic.

While Redbox still requires the user to drive somewhere in order
to obtain a movie, Netflix is delivered directly to the recipient’s

If a walk to the mailbox is too physically exhausting, users can
even stream Netflix directly to their television set.

Is laziness the motive for the blatant boycotting of

Fifty percent of students checked yes, stating they preferred
Netflix because they didn’t have to drive to Blockbuster.

This age of instant gratification will be the death of the
traditional video rental store.

However, Blockbuster isn’t helplessly withering away into

They have come up with a mail out movie scheme almost identical
to Netflix, though fifty percent of students said they were not
aware of the new service.

The Money section of U.S. News & World Report listed
Blockbuster as one of 15 companies that probably wouldn’t survive
2009. However, they are still here, albeit barely hanging on.

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Blockbuster lags in race for rentals

Blockbuster lags in race for rentals

Blockbuster lags in race for rentals

Blockbuster lags in race for rentals

Blockbuster lags in race for rentals

Blockbuster lags in race for rentals

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