Dealing with those that mean the most

By Tobias Jahn



I was in a relationship with my ex-girlfriend for three
years. I recently left her to be with someone else but I realized
that I made a mistake and now my ex won’t take me back. She says
she needs and wants to be alone for a long time.

When I tried to get her back, she led me to believe that we
would work things out. It has been six months and I recently found
out that she’s seeing someone.

I feel like she did this to get back at me. Now I’m mad that
she made me wait this long and didn’t bother telling me. Should I
continue being friends with her or should I forget about her even
though she was my best friend?

– Troubled Timing


It is always difficult to get over your first long relationship,
even though when you left her for a different girl, I’m sure you
had your reasons.

Whether you should pursue a friendship is up to you. It’s
probably best to put a little distance between you two and after
you both have had some space and time apart from each other, you
can see how a friendship can work out.



I have been dating my boyfriend for four and a half years and
within that time not only has our bond gotten stronger, so has my
relationship with his family.

The problem is he has a sister who is about two years younger
than him and they have never gotten along. There have been times
where the tension between them has made his parents and me
downright uncomfortable.

Is there anything I can do to help these quarreling

-Cure the Quarrels


If you really want them to get along you have to sit them down
together and make them talk about the issues they have with each

Don’t be afraid to share your own opinion about it in the
conversation, too. You can even have their parents there so they
can discuss how they feel about their kids fighting.

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Dealing with those that mean the most

Dealing with those that mean the most

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