Life is full of choices

By Katie Burnside

This past week, I was scheduled for an interview for a
desperately awaited internship I needed for summer.

For those who have gone through the interview process before,
you know that it can sometimes be the longest hour of your

You must make sure that you’re wearing the right clothes, say
the right things and act the right way, or you’ll lose that sweet
job opportunity forever.

During the interview, the woman who was conducting it asked me a
question that I could not answer.

It was the typical “so how do you see yourself in five to 10

Now most people would find this question very easy, but not

I have no idea where I’m going to be or what I’m going to be
doing within the next five years.

It honestly took me a couple of minutes before I could answer

You see, I create ideas of what I could be doing, but everything
is so tentative that I am unsure whether these ideas will ever
become a reality.

So how can I possibly plan out the next decade if I am so unsure
as to what I’ll be doing?

This is why I had a hard time finding a college some four years

I’m not a prodigy and I hadn’t been given some Godlike talent in
any specific area.

I am just me and I like to bounce around in several different

So when it came to applying for school and jotting down which
area of study I wanted to sign up for, I was stumped.

Maybe it was because I felt that this was a critical decision in
the game of life, and I thought that if I chose something then I
couldn’t go back and change my mind.

But the great thing about our lives is that we can change our
minds, and we can bounce to several different things if we

A good example is my little sister.

She is getting ready to venture out to the world of college life
and she has decided she wants to major in theater and have a minor
in chemistry.

Now normally we wouldn’t put those two subjects together, but
these are two things that she likes and she wants to study

I think that one of the best things we are given as human beings
is the ability to have choices, and we can choose whatever we

So choose on readers, and may your choices be good ones.

Reach Katherine Burnside at

Life is full of choices

Life is full of choices

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