Do unto others, jerkface

By Katie Burnside

I had to make a trip out to the Griffith Observatory in Los
Angeles last week. Normally, I would never opt to drive to LA, but
since it was for class, I made an exception.

It was during this small road trip, witnessing all the maniacs
on the road, that I had an epiphany: we all have major road

I’m not just talking about the occasional honking of the horn
and slight bitter statements made after the fact.

I’m talking about when we cuss the person out with words our
mothers would definitely not appreciate, while giving the bird and
attempting to speed up to the person and yell.

Road rage can occur in almost anyone and is sparked by the
slightest incident. Picture this.

You’re driving along on the road, enjoying your tunes and
talking to your BFF on your Bluetooth, when all of the sudden a car
cuts you off, causing you to brake hard, and drives off without
signaling a gesture of apathy.

This is when the road rage occurs. First, you turn a slight
shade of red, indicating that you are furious and ready to fly off
the handle.

Second, you start yelling at the person at the top of your lungs
and flipping them off with a vengeance, even though the person has
already driven off and is unaware at how angry you are.

Next comes the revenge part. This is when you are so determined
to reciprocate what has been done to you that you race to catch up
to the driver while cutting off other drivers during your

And the rage doesn’t end there. After the incident, you complain
about it the entire drive and then explain the whole thing to
whomever you see that day. Some get over it more quickly than
others, but others just carry it with them for days on end.

We are all guilty of road rage. Even the quietest person on the
planet is susceptible.

But what I find funny about it is how mad we get at someone for
making a small mistake that we all make during our time

We give no slack to anyone that crosses our paths, but at the
same time, we ask that others forgive us when we make the same
mistakes in front of them.

People never want to admit that they have road rage, but every
now and again that little something causes us to explode in a
violent rage that even local convicts would be afraid of.

Reach Katherine Burnside at

Life is full of choices

Life is full of choices

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