Leave my cinema alone

By Katie Burnside

There is nothing I like more than taking some time out of my day
to sit and relax and watch a movie or shell out the buko bucks at
the movie theater. I mean, the only reason I pay $11.95 a month for
Netflix is so I can watch all the movies I haven’t seen before.

But the growing trend of viewing films in 3-D I feel is killing
the movie industry and leaving moviegoers unsatisfied.

Since 2006, a slew of 3-D movies have been put on the market by
well-known companies ” Disney, Warner Bros. and DreamWorks ” all
in hopes of attracting a wider audience in an attempt to earn a
bigger profit for the film. And now these same companies are doing
it again with films like “Monster’s vs. Aliens” and Pixar’s

Can I please just watch something that doesn’t require me to
wear funny-looking glasses and have unattractive pictures up close
and personally in my face?

3-D has barely worked in the past, why is it that the movie
industry feels that it will work now?

Here is a very brief timeline of the history of 3-D to better
explain why there should never ever be another 3-D film made ever

The first known instance where some version of 3-D was used was
in 1915 when Edwin S. Poter and William E. Waddell tested the film
in front of an audience.

Shockingly, the audience did not like the appearance of 3-D
films and the production flopped.

1952 was considered the “Golden Era” for 3-D pictures, but it
only lasted for three years.

Then it was revived in the 1980s to features such classic films
as “Jaws 3-D” and “Amityville 3-D.”

To make matters worse for films was when “Smell-O-Vision” was
introduced in 1960.

Various odors were released during the movie so the audience
could smell what was happening in the movie. Smell-O-Vision was a
complete failure and was only featured in one film with the catchy
title “Scent of Mystery.”

My point is to highlight that no matter all the different ways
that the film industry uses to entice people to go see a movie,
they never really work and the companies just end up losing more
money to impress us.

Please cinema business hot-shots, leave my movies alone and let
them be in 2-D.

I would gladly pay money to see those than all the other stuff
you produce in 3-D combined.

Reach Katherine Burnside at
Copy Editor@thepolypost.com

Life is full of choices

Life is full of choices

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