There’s no flu like swine flu

By Katie Burnside

For those that have been living in a dark, bottomless hole for
the past week, many would encourage you to stay there for a while
until the swine, I mean, H1N1 flu blows over.

I, on the other hand, suggest that they get out of that hole and
let those who are so paranoid about the H1N1 flu take their place
until they get over themselves and come to their senses.

Once again, the mass media has taken an issue and has blown it
so out of proportion, with numerous news articles and “in-depth”
reporting broadcasts, so that widespread panic has ensued across
the entire world without any consideration to involve an ounce of
common sense or at least consider the real facts.

The media has created yet another Mean World Syndrome case in
which they have bombarded the public with “horrifying” stories that
cause people to believe the world is scarier than it actually is,
and in some cases have haunted people to the point where they
refuse to leave their homes.

Remember people, the H1N1 flu is just like it says. It’s a

What I conceive to be the most likely reason for this “pandemic”
is that during spring break, tons of college students went to
Mexico to have a good time and then went back to their respected
colleges where most illnesses and diseases are spread anyway.

There is no reason for anyone to be scared out of their mind
about this. All you need to do is simply up the level of
cleanliness you have now. For some, that might take a lot of effort
and for others it might mean just washing your hands a little more

I strongly encourage everyone to take a few minutes to do a
little research and uncover the real facts, or you might just die
of panic and anxiety instead.

Reach Katherine Burnside at

Life is full of choices

Life is full of choices

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