Time is never on our side

By Katie Burnside

While doing a little background research on what I was going to
talk about this week, I found a plethora of quotes relating to time
and how special it is and how great time is.

You know, the quotes that are meant to motivate and evoke
feelings that we feel we can’t get on our own so we look to the
famous and dead for a little inspiration.

They usually start out with “there is never enough time to do
everything, but there is always enough time to do the most
important thing,” or the classic “there’s no time like the

After minutes of searching, I finally found one that totally
expressed how I feel about time in general and how it affects us
all in the cruelest ways possible.

So thank you Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey for your wisdom and being
famous enough so that I can look you up on Google.

She says, “Time is a cruel thief to rob us of our former selves.
We lose as much to life as we do to death.”

I agree with her in the fact that time is pretty cruel and we
all bend over backward just to conform to its standards.

Time is our mistress and we obey its every whim just to get by
in life, and although we sometimes hate it for getting us into
trouble there are times when we wish we had more of it.

In the bigger picture, when we are born we are already given a
set time to live and we are told to make the most of it before we
become worm food. And in the smaller picture, just about everything
we do revolves around time. How much time do I have until my first
class? What time do I have to be at work? When will time go faster
in this class? And my project deadline is at what time?

I especially have a huge problem with time. I always wish that I
could have more of it so I can get done with everything on my
ever-growing list of things to do, but no matter what I still end
up with only 24 hours in a day and an unfinished list.

And there’s no saving it either. We could keep doing multiple
tasks until we pass out of exhaustion and think we have saved up
hours of free time for ourselves, but in the end we are still just
a slave to time and it ultimately determines how much we get or

It also teases us by providing us with the illusion that it can
go either faster or slower. I can’t count how many times I sit in
dull classes or attend boring events and watch the time stretch on
for hours with no hope of it ever reaching the precise hour when I
can make my exit.

Time is extremely callous when we are actually enjoying
something ” whether it is a place, moment or person ” and all of
the sudden the party is over and it’s time to leave. Just to make
sure we know whose boss, time fools us into enjoying ourselves and
takes itself away when we least expect it.

No matter what we say or do to make time seem as insignificant
as possible, it is always looming above us ticking down the
seconds, minutes and hours reminding us that we need it just like
a man needs his mistress.

Life is full of choices

Life is full of choices

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