Confessions of a sugar mama

By Katie Burnside

I know that by looking at the title of this week’s topic of
choice it may seem a little out of place, or at the very least you
may be thinking “what the hell is this girl doing?”

But fear not all you “doubting Thomas’.”

Although lack of sleep and daily stress can sometimes cause me
to go out of my mind, I actually do have some experience in the
field of providing for my man.

I consider myself a sugar mama and I am a prisoner by choice to
the lifestyle of bequeathing money to those whom I happen to be

For those who don’t get around much, I’ll have Urban Dictionary
define what a sugar mama is ever so eloquently.

A sugar mama is “a woman (often an older woman) who holds her
man/woman in nice standing with money, food, an apartment, etc. –
not always used in a derogatory fashion, or merely in exchange for
sex, but because she can.”

In my case, I’m the younger one in the relationship and I merely
endow my boyfriend with the finer things and necessities that I
feel he can’t get by without.

Why do you ask I take on this type of position?

Because I can.

It also secretly satisfies my inner girlish instinct to play
dress up with him.

I actually really enjoy being a sugar mama because I get this
sense of empowerment from being somewhat superior to my male
counterpart and having opportunities that are especially geared
towards me, and me only.

Since the biological process bestowed me with XX chromosomes, I
have been stamped with the words minority, opposition and


How do I get past something so heavy as that?


I just earn more equity than he does and establish myself as
financially independent. And I don’t forget to make sure that he
knows this.

So now I get a chance to pull rank on a guy, that probably might
not have ever happened to me as well as to other women in their
entire life.

Also, I know he doesn’t care that I update his wardrobe to adult
status, get him little “somethings” that I think would make him
happy and sometimes have the responsibility of providing the food
for the dinner table.

Plus, I know he secretly loves it when I spend my money on

I mean what guy wouldn’t want to have the finer things in life
provided by his own girlfriend?

Reach Katherine Burnside at

Life is full of choices

Life is full of choices

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