Social networking the new spam

By Katie Burnside

When deciding what kind of topic I would cover, it was hard for
me to just pick one.

There are so many things in this world that I agree with or
cause me to cry in outrage or just plain confuse me.

I want to devote this column to random topics that sometimes
profoundly impact us and can affect our daily lives on either a
small or large scale.

So let’s see.

I have a MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, Amazon (yes, they now
social network) and Plaxo account on top of all my email accounts.
And now I need a Twitter just to be able to keep up with everyone
else and make employers happy.

When can we say enough is enough and just tap off the social
networking sites at a couple hundred?

We have become so enveloped with being able to communicate with
others any way possible that society has subconsciously accepted
that we must have every social networking tool in order to be part
of the crowd. God forbid that we become disconnected with our Top
20 friends and no one will be able to know what our status is every
half hour.

Only people on coke and speed can physically check all of their
networking accounts, make comments on their friends’ pages, tag
photos of themselves and others and leave a criticizing blog
message for all to read at least once a day.

Many employers look to see if potential employees are keeping
socially connected and scrutinize those as being socially inept who
refuse to follow the in-crowd.

I believe it is more important to keep track of just a couple of
these sites instead of giving in to a worldwide social pressure to
sign up for every social networking site known to man.

This causes us to lose several hours out of our day, burn
bridges with those we just added as friends, become susceptible to
numerous ads, and give up our personal information and the right to
freedom to marketers and those who control the sites.

It has just gotten way out of hand and there seems to be no way
of controlling this ever-growing idea that we all must be socially
connected by any means necessary.

Damn you Tom!

Reach Katherine Burnside at

Bad students come from bad teachers

Bad students come from bad teachers

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