Edgar Vergara  |  Third-year chemical engineering student

“As a Democratic person, I was happy with the results because we won the House of Representatives and I know that’s a big step.”



Sergio Barrios |  Second-year landscape architecture student
“I saw it as a tipping point in the administration that we have in the White House. It was very surprising to see what had happened only because there were a couple of states I hoped that there would be a bit of a change. Especially in Texas with Ted Cruz v. Beto O’Rourke. I would have wanted Beto to win that race. Other than that, the House finally flipping to Democratic is a good start because it makes it easier for them to change the tides in terms of what our president is currently doing.”


Andrea Palafox  |  Third-year industrial engineering student
“I know the Democrats won the House and I think that’s good because of how our Senate is right now and because of the president we have in office. I think it’s going to even out and make the situation run a little better. I think we have way more representation of women and a lot more variety of people in the House. I believe we also have a gay governor in Colorado. It’s good to see other people being represented in a larger community that represents people whom we interact with daily. I saw a lot of people our age voting on campus which I thought was good too.”


Jonathan Winklestin |  First-year construction engineering student
“Overall, I think I was OK with how the midterm elections turned out. I was hoping that the Democrats would have had more representatives in the Senate, but the fact that they were able to overtake in the House of Representatives was good. I haven’t paid too much attention on propositions, but overall, I’d say that the midterm elections were rather successful and I’m satisfied with how they turned out.”


Dennis Tran  |  Electrical engineering alumnus, class of 2018
“It was a close one between Democrats and Republicans by only by 1 percent. It’s my first time voting so it was odd for me and I know everyone was pushed to vote this time. I’m glad Proposition 9 was removed because I don’t think that’s a thing we should be doing. We’re the United States of America, not sometimes the United States of America. It’s always united.”


Polynese Johnson  |  Fourth-year food and nutrition student
“I’m happy that the Democrats took the majority in the House. I feel like having such a crazy conservative right-wing president, is a struggle because we need some representation somewhere. I feel like in these midterm elections, more people went out to vote because of what happened in 2016. Democrats realized that ‘Hey this guy actually won because we didn’t vote,’ so I know a lot people went out to vote this time which makes me happy …. I feel that some of the people I voted for didn’t win so it stunk, but …. there’s a more positive vibe with us taking the majority.”


Photos and quotes compiled by staff writer Natali Perez.

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