The Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies will turn 25 years old next year. (Isac Kim | The Poly Post)

Lyle Center holds open house

The Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies’ students, faculty and staff held an open house on Thursday, Nov. 1 to celebrate the center’s upcoming 25th anniversary.

Just up the road of the Farm Store, the center was opened as a 16-acre laboratory for students and faculty to learn and educate others about how to build a safe, healthy and sustainable environment.

The Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies will turn 25 years old next year. (Isac Kim | The Poly Post)

Even though the center is a part of the College of Environmental Design, students of all different majors can take classes at the center, like fifth-year architecture student Gustavo Trochez, who visits the center twice a week for class.

Students and faculty showcased what projects they were working on during the open house.

Just outside the front doors of the event hall, students were working on building a welcome center for people who weren’t familiar with or had never been to the center.

Angelica Rocha, a second-year regenerative studies graduate student, presented her master’s thesis to the audience and reflected on the center.

“Today’s event is more than a celebration; we are looking at where the Lyle Center is now and looking at where it can go into the future,” Rocha said.

Pablo La Roche, the center’s interim director and graduate coordinator, said the open house was an opportunity for faculty and students to hear what the Lyle Center has to offer.

He explained that the event was the first of its kind at the center, but not the last, as an open house is planned to occur every semester.

“From today, we wish for people to see students’ work and to share what they see,” La Roche said. “The mission of awareness that we have is very important.”

La Roche said the open house was important because the center isn’t well known to many people on campus and as a result, not much school funding goes to the Lyle Center.

“I would recommend seeing the Lyle Center to students who are up for a nice walk during their break,” Angelica Rocha said. “It’s a good excuse to get off of the main campus and go somewhere that’s so beautiful.”

More information about the center can be found at the Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies’ website,

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