Students and faculty give their take on adjusting to semester system

Cal Poly Pomona’s first semester in history is in its 10th week and students and faculty have adjusted, albeit to various degrees.


Joseph Castrellon  |  Third-year English literature student

“At the beginning I felt that semester conversion was really difficult to adjust to because professors were assigning a lot more work. Too many assignments were due too quickly. I think they did a good job getting us ready, but we weren’t ready for the workload. The lack of classes offered in semester is frustrating too. They need to offer extra sections of core required courses, at least two more sections per class.”


Isaiah Mota  |  Second-year business administration student

“I was a peer advisor for the College of Business over summer and we were very unprepared. I think the professors were trained in a quarter system, so they didn’t know what to expect in semesters. They are also combining classes for semesters that I don’t think should be combined. I don’t think they thought of what the ramifications would be of combining two difficult classes, so now the combined class is almost impossible to pass.”


Haley Fleischner  |  Third-year liberal studies student

“I’m so bitter about semester conversion. I wanted to declare a music minor [but] before I declared the minor, my DPR (Degree Progress Report) was up to date, and now after I declared the minor during semesters, my DPR is completely confusing. My counselor didn’t even know what to tell me. I took classes in the quarter system that are no longer showing up. My advisor never responds to my emails, I can’t always make the office hours. It’s just a frustrating situation.”


John Lloyd  |  Associate professor of United States history

“I think it has been a big adjustment for everybody, but I think everyone is adjusting well. There have been a few minor glitches with BroncoDirect in regards to miscounting units, counting certain units for the wrong class. I had to redesign all of my courses. I like and was used to the quarter system, but I think there is more time for group work in semesters, which I like. I don’t like shorter class times in semesters, it shortens the amount of discussion time.”


Donna Schuele |  United States history lecturer

“I think semester conversion is going good so far. I think CPP might be in for an awakening in regards to when you expand courses from quarter to semester and keep courses the same, you end up losing a lot of elective time. I was at Cal State L.A. when they transitioned from quarters to semesters. The biggest fallout didn’t arise till the second year, when they ended up reducing core requirement classes and a lot of professors ended up out of work because the classes they taught were no longer offered.”


Rudy Headley El  |  Geography lecturer

“Everyone is sort of tapped out right now, because normally this is when the quarter would be coming to a close. Students who are accustomed to quarters are getting antsy right now. We offer less courses now in semesters, so I lost a couple of classes that I teach. I also feel that students don’t have as much wiggle room in semesters for mistakes. In quarters you have two other quarters left to make up for it.”

Photos and quotes compiled by staff writer Brenlyn D’Amore.

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