Students who live in the University Village now have to pay more attention to where and when they cross the streets.

A few weeks ago, the University Village sent an email to students living in the village stating that University Police will now ticket students who are seen illegally crossing South Campus Drive, the street leading to the Farm Store.

The email urged students who live in the village to use sidewalks and designated crosswalks to get to campus.

People who do not walk up to the crosswalk on Temple Avenue to cross and cross illegally on South Campus Drive will now be ticketed. (Isac Kim | The Poly Post)

To clarify, jaywalking and illegally crossing a street are two different terms.

Jaywalking is when a person crosses a street with two controlled intersections when it is not time to walk.

Illegally crossing a street happens when a person crosses a street that does not have a crosswalk or pedestrian signals.

Paolo Capili, a fourth-year civil-engineering student who lives in the village, voiced his opinion about University Police enforcing this rule: “I think this new rule is trying to make things safe, but it’s unimportant. The police should put more of their effort into more important things.”

With regards to why he thinks people cross the street, Capili said, “Students cross this street because it’s quicker than having to wait at the crosswalk.”

Capili also noted that the traffic wasn’t dense at the street and that University Police enforcing the rule was unnecessary.

However, University Police remains strong on enforcing this rule.

Lieutenant Aaron J. Eaton of University Police said, “We are enforcing this rule because we have gotten complaints from individuals coming to and from the Farm Store that students walk into the street, and they think it’s dangerous.”

Lt. Eaton said that illegally crossing the street is perilous because students can be injured by drivers who are distracted on their phones. And to those who do illegally cross the street, Lt. Eaton said that University Police will warn and ticket those people in order for them to be aware of the dangerous and hazardous act illegally crossing a street could be.

For more information about students illegally crossing South Campus Drive, contact  University Police.

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