Undoubtedly, the new university logo has been met with mixed opinions among students.

Alumni have come forward with their own takes on the rebranding effort. As past students who want to look back fondly on their college years, they are particularly skeptical of the change.

The new logo and color are featured on new merchandise now available at the Bronco Bookstore. Christina Berberian | The Poly Post)

Alumna Celeste Britt (’17, hospitality), said she found the rebrand upsetting.

“I honestly don’t like it,” she said. “I don’t think it represents Cal Poly Pomona at all. I understand what the intended meaning is, but that’s not what Cal Poly looks like to me. I’m not going to sugarcoat it,” Britt said.

She said changing the logo didn’t make sense to her.

“I get CPP wants to change things up and set themselves apart, but this made people upset,” Britt said. “When I applied to this school, it was the only one I applied to. I knew this school would be carried with me for years to come, but now I feel as if I’m being left behind.”

The idea of the legacy of the school being altered is something many alumni have voiced.

“None of us were included in the rebranding,” Britt said. “From my outside perspective, I don’t think it’s fair because it feels like no one who was against it was included in the decision.”

Other alumni, such as Mark Ely (’93, communication), feel as if the logo gives the impression of a corporation rather than a university.

“It looks corporate,” Ely said. “It doesn’t look like it aligns with our rich heritage. It doesn’t show our agricultural roots, or our roots with the Arabian horses.”

The new seal has also caused controversy since Alex Dan, a third-year computer information systems student who works for the W.K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Library, wrote in a letter to the editor to The Poly Post that the horse on the new seal doesn’t accurately depict Antez, the horse W. K. Kellogg was reportedly so fond of. Antez was “chestnut brown,” but the logo portrays him as grayish white.

“Our school was formed with donations from the Kellogg Foundation and there wouldn’t be a Cal Poly Pomona without it,” Ely said. “It just seems disrespectful to stray away from that.”

Ely said he has supported the university since his graduation, but he and his alumni peers are disappointed with the change.

“I’m part of the alumni association,” he said. “I’m friends with a lot of alumni and contact them and some Cal Poly professors regularly. I just wish they would have solicited opinions from us because we were not informed of this change.”

Ely said the changes made some members of the alumni association feel disheartened.

“It made us question whether we want to donate money any longer and support the school,” he said. “I just think they went about this the wrong way.”

However, some alumni, such as Tatiana Foerster (’14, hospitality), said they appreciated the meaning behind the new logo and the thought that went behind it.

“I like the versatile and modern direction the new logo is going in with the eight elements of the octagon, and how they symbolize the different factions of education,” Foerster said. “You can tell they’re trying to incorporate unity and that’s cool.

“I think it’s important that the eight different academic colleges and the eight elements of inclusive polytechnic education get a chance to shine here because they are the reason why the students are here. The green and yellow arrow tip is a nice step towards the future,” Foerster said.

Despite the positive outlook with regards to the octagon, Foerster said she doesn’t agree with the addition of a new color.

“Personally, I don’t really care for the blue,” she said. “I don’t understand what it contributes. At the same time, I like the octagon shape because it’s simple and think that it would look aesthetically pleasing on logo wear.”

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