Greek houses are typically a place for students to unwind and bond with their fellow Greek life members. At Cal Poly Pomona, there is no Greek row but the issue of sorority and fraternity houses is still relevant.

“We’re in an organization that is very small, especially being on a commuter campus, so it would really help us if we had our own sorority house for planning for events or anything else we need to do,” said Danielle Bailey, fourth-year music industries student and sorority president of Sigma Gamma Rho, Pi Rho chapter.

Members of the Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Ashley McCoy, Danielle Bailey and Airin Wadley-Wright. (Courtesy of Danielle Bailey)

Sigma Alpha Epsilon is a fraternity that has an off-campus house for Cal Poly Pomona chapter members. Some students are unhappy with the fact that there seems to be an inequality in the Greek system at their university.

“It would help us to just be closer to our sisters,” Bailey said. “We’d have the opportunity to bond and for everyone to grow as leaders. We don’t get to go to an environment to discuss personal and business things with our sisters the way some fraternities can.”

Cal Poly Pomona does not allow any on-campus official housing. The university did not play a role in any fraternities obtaining a house.

“Cal Poly Pomona does not recognize any fraternities or potential sorority houses on or off campus,” said Ronnisha Holden, coordinator of Greek life and education. “Unless there is some sort of change, to acknowledge or create a Greek row, any house is unofficial and are more [like] satellite houses. They are technically students living together rather than officially a fraternity.”

“Most chapters don’t have a house,” Holden said. “It once started as the stigma where boys are allowed to have houses but girls are not. It was a double standard in that sense.”

Discriminatory laws regarding the Greek system are not unheard of; however, today, the city of Pomona does not have any current policies banning sorority houses.

Holden emphasized the fact that these off-campus houses are not regulated by the school.

“There are no house checks and we do not monitor these houses in any way,” she said. “We acknowledge these houses exist for safety reasons but are not held accountable if anything happens there. These houses may be related to the Greek organization or chapter, and their national organization may approve of them, but they are not associated with the Cal Poly department or program or are [not] part of our jurisdiction.”

Holden revealed that a change regarding sorority houses may be in development.

“In the next year or two there may be a Cal Poly Pomona sorority house,” Holden said.

This would also be an unofficial sorority house off-campus. She declined to say how many or which sororities are looking for a house.

Members of the Phi Sigma Rho sorority gave their input on the issue.

“I personally don’t have an issue with not having a house, partially because having a ton of girls living in the same house can tear up the sisterhood of a sorority,” said Courtney Ball, first-year math student and member of the Phi Sigma Rho sorority. “Whereas in a fraternity, guys wouldn’t have that same kind of drama.”

Another member of Ball’s sorority had a differing opinion with her sorority sister.

“At the same time, how come girls aren’t allowed to have a house but guys are? I think it’s pretty sexist,” said Anita Ngo, second-year civil engineering student and member of the Phi Sigma Rho sorority.

Despite the mixed opinions, a potential sorority house for Cal Poly Pomona students would be a notable change.

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