An essential feminine necessity is missing from the women’s restrooms on campus: pad and tampon dispensers.

A typical Cal Poly Pomona student spends almost an entire day on campus up to five days a week.

For women, the chance of unexpectedly starting the menstruation cycle while in class can be extremely high.

Period problems can become a major sanitary issue and must be addressed.

Being on your period and not having easily accessible or adequate supplies can be embarrassing, stressful and distracting as a student.

(Nicole Goss | The Poly Post)

It is nearly impossible to focus during a lecture when paranoia kicks in and you feel yourself leaking.

Restrooms in the classroom buildings lack the resources needed for women to feel comfortable and protected.

“A lot of their students are women. Women support the school … we’re a part of their school and of course they have the responsibility, if we’re going here and paying money to go here,” said Rosalinda Barcellona, a second-year mechanical engineering student.

If the women’s restrooms on campus were equipped with dispensers that could provide quick and affordable access to pads and tampons for students, the dreaded feeling of not being prepared during a period accident could be eliminated.

“It is an issue because it revolves around the convenience for women and it’s just easier to have it right there for us,” Barcellona said. “And I get that, even if they had it for free, that would also be nice. But even if they just had the coin dispensers where you just put 25 cents and they give you a tampon or something, I think that’s important because that revolves around our hygiene. That’s just as important as toilet paper.”

The Bronco Student Center has one dispenser located in the first-floor bathroom, where students can purchase a pad or tampon for a quarter.

Feminine products can also be purchased at the Bronco Express and range from $3.39 to $5.69, depending on level of absorbance and size.

This can be a pricey situation, if you are just in need of a quick emergency pad or tampon.

Heaven Toussaint, a social justice leader at the Women’s Resource Center said the situation can be frustrating.

“I’m a student. I’m here from like 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. If I’m menstruating, like I forget, they don’t even have dispensers on campus. It’s kind of inconvenient,” she said. “They sell them in some places but they are kind of expensive.”

Pads and tampons can be found for free in the all-gender restroom, located in the Women’s Resource Center, across from the Marketplace.

Student Health & Wellness Services also offers pads and tampons at no cost.

Anna Line, assistant director for administration services at Student Health and Wellness Services said the service isn’t a nicety, but a necessity.

Although a convenient service for women students, when experiencing a period leak, going all the way to Student Health & Wellness Services, which is located in Building 46, at the top of a hill, may not be an ideal situation.

The Poly Post attempted to contact Custodial Services at Facilities Planning and Management, but they could not be reached for comment on installing dispensers in women’s bathrooms.

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