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Going to the University Library to study with a cup of coffee and cozy up in its comfortable chairs to take a short nap in between classes is fine, but students should make sure that coffee has a lid and that nap does not come with loud snoring.

It is not considered the most appropriate place to eat, drink or sleep. It is a space where students should work productively without getting disturbed. Every day students stroll in to the library and bring in food and drinks from Carl’s Jr., Subway, Starbucks, Panda Express, to name a few, even though there are signs at the entrance that forbid this practice.

Most students know that eating and drinking are not allowed in the library, yet still find ways of sneaking food into the building.

Many students pass through the library a day and it’s important to keep the library as a place where students can study and relax. (Jacqueline Ayala | The Poly Post)

Emma Gibson, the library’s interim dean, said some foods are allowed, but large groups of students cannot come in and bring in humungous portions of food.

Library employees said they understand that students spend many hours studying and often eat dinner while studying, so there are ways to bring in food and drinks without getting punished.

Third-year civil engineering student and library student assistant, Carlee Guthaus understands why rules are implemented at the library regarding food and drinks.

“There are quite a few people who bring food into the library everyday,” Guthaus said.

As stated in the library code of conduct, “In order to bring food into the library, it must remain inside book bags, backpacks or briefcases.”

However, there are some exceptions to this rule.

“Certain foods that can be brought into the library without having to be in a backpack are chips, granola bars or any food that is small in size,” Gibson said.

In the case of drinks, they must be in spill-proof containers with a secure lid to be allowed in. Students can bring in soft drinks, water, tea and coffee, just as long as they have lids.

This rule is enforced in an effort to keep a clean space for students.

Any damage caused by food and drinks on furniture, equipment or any other library property violates Section 594 of California’s Penal Code, which prohibits damaging someone else’s property.

Library users should report any spills as soon as possible to any service desk.

“If a spill is not reported quickly, then the stain will harden up and it cannot be removed,” Gibson said.

Spills can also attract rodents, she said.

“We want students to enjoy the library and having rodents roam the library will create an uncomfortable environment,” Gibson said.

Guthaus often sees trash lying around in the library and if she sees someone walking into the library with food, she asks the person to please finish the food outside.

“Students don’t need to be distracted by a crinkling potato chip bag or someone slurping down an In-N-Out shake,” Guthaus said.

After long hours of being in lectures, sometimes a short power nap can help get you through the rest of the day.

Guthaus said sleeping is not a huge problem, as long as it does not cause a distraction to other students who are trying to study.

“As long as you aren’t disturbing your peers, it isn’t an issue,” Guthaus said.

On the designated “quiet floors,” which are the first, fifth and sixth floors of the library, the code states that disturbing other students with excessive noises such as loud conversations, snoring, moving furniture and using audio devices without headphones constitutes disturbing the peace on school grounds and violates sections 415 and 415.5 of the penal code.

Following these rules will create a pleasant experience for all students, so they can relax, study and feel at home.

Gibson said students should work together to keep the library clean because it is a shared space that needs to remain pleasant and conducive to studying.

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