Fourth-year music student Jordan Rivera

“It’s definitely going to take some getting used to,” Rivera said. “But I mean that’s anything with change. You might not like it at the moment but after a while when somebody starts making fun of it you end up defending it. I actually don’t mind ‘I’m ready.’ I think it is kind of hilarious. You get to see your childhood heroes modeled and be accepted as your school’s motto.”



Fourth-year food science student CeeCee Cade

“I think it’s stupid,” Cade said. “I hate the logo because it really doesn’t show anything about what the community at CPP is like. I feel like it was just kind of a cop-out because they spent so much money making it so they wanted it to seem like it had an actual meaning. It wasn’t fair because I feel that I, as a student, and students in generally, we really didn’t get a say over anything.”




Third-year computer science student Daniel Yap

“When people say they hate the logo, I think I’m perfectly fine with it,” Yap said. “I can understand why they did it, for more emphasis on polytechnic. It’s a good thing. But the lack of transparency was not really cool. With ‘I’m ready’ it kind of doesn’t make Cal Poly stand out as it is.”




Fifth-year computer science student Christian Munoz

“I just think it’s very generic-looking, right? It’s just this ring with a pointer. I don’t like how they made [one of] our primary color[s] blue either because when I think of the campus, I think of green and gold because it’s sunny and all of our green from the trees and the grass. Blue just doesn’t really fit. The old logo is of the CLA and it’s going to be torn down but it’s still a part of our history.”




Second-year history student London Rivera

“What I think of the new logo is that it’s overly formal,” Rivera said. “They definitely nailed the different part from other schools. But, when you look at different colleges and their logos, it’s like, ‘Oh yeah you can tell it’s a college.’ But ours looks like a major business. I think ‘I’m ready’ is childish.”




Second-year computer science student Kristine Vo

“I love Cal Poly SLO and Cal Poly Pomona, but that should not result in us needing to distinguish ourselves so desperately like a younger sibling in a shadow. The new logo diverts from the idea of the individual student at Cal Poly Pomona and it honestly does look like it belongs to an online school.”




Photos and quotes were compiled by staff writer Christina Manuel.
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